Four Weeks

{aka "The other shoe fell."}

{aka "Where does time go?"}

{aka "Transitions are Tough."}

Like I wrote last time... "It's been the best of times, it's been the worst of times." Only this time... I actually mean it. It's been a long and trying three weeks. But, it's also been a fun and joyous three weeks. Funny how that works. It seems that our initial honeymoon phase is over and we're now onto the hard stuff. We knew it was coming... but I think we also forgot just how hard it can be. I've had several emails and texts the past few days from friends checking in... making sure all is ok. I've also had some not-so-subtle reminders as well that it's been a long time since I shared any Milo photos. ;) So... while there's definitely some thoughts swirling around in my head about the transition overall, this post is going to be a "More on Milo" post and I'll address the transition in another post.

{"Ready to learn more about me?! There's a lot down there!"}

So, here's some "Tales and Tidbits" from Milo-land. In no particular order.

Let's start with sleep. He's still co-sleeping with Doug these days. Overall, he's a good sleeper... although it seems that he must be fully entwined with whomever is sleeping with him. His nighttime wake-ups have decreased, and we go several days in a row without the adoption-related rage and screaming in the middle of the night. Progress! If he wakes and finds no one in with him (since we don't go to sleep at 8pm), we hear the sound of little feet running to the master bedroom. (He is not in a crib.) We joke that he's in motion before he's even up most times since we hear him going before the whimpers/cries have even started. There have been a few times when I've gone to bed, Doug is still downstairs, and Milo wakes. I'll hear the scampering, then the door will bust open to our room, followed by a "huh?" Then Milo hops over to where I am "sleeping" (now with one eye open to see what happens) and he slaps me across the face. Once he realizes he's woken me he starts to "cry." It's hysterical (and a little painful) to watch.

{I'm so silly!}

Also going well is bath time. This kid just looooovvveeesss his tubs. He has absolutely no tolerance for any toys in the tub, but has no qualms about going crazy in there. The bathroom is usually dripping by the time he is done. There have been several nights where we have only had time for rinse-offs and Milo makes his extreme displeasure about that known. We're working on teeth brushing not being a battle every night... he must control the toothbrush but doesn't really seem to care if he's brushing his teeth. This usually results in a tug of war with the toothbrush. One that is hard to win. On the upside, if he's busy telling us how angry he is about a short tubby, it's very easy to brush his teeth while he's screaming. :)

A couple of weeks ago, he was in the bathroom with me while I was getting ready, and he was fascinated with himself in the mirror. He would babble and talk to himself in there. The next few mornings the same thing happened. I finally asked my friend if "ee-pa" meant anything in Korean because that seemed to be a phrase he would say a lot. Turns out that "ee-pa" is the Korean word for "pretty." So essentially Milo was sitting in front of the mirror smiling, laughing, and calling himself pretty. I'm not sure I can handle two boys who think they are so good looking!

In addition to baths, Milo is a fan of water in general. He likes to turn his sippy cup every which way to watch it. He likes to draw with it. He loves washing his hands. You get the picture. (I think we may be investing in a water table this spring) But you know what else has water? Toilets. Enough said, right?!

{He's a big fan of big brother's puzzles...}

{And Met from Tayo}

{And he's always up for the iPad. Of course!}

His favorite pastimes continue to be magnets and duplos with a dose of TV here and there. In particular, he loves the intro on Pororo when he gets chased by a giant snowball. (This happens every. single. episode. And he cracks up every. single. time.) It's pretty funny to watch. He'll stand there and wait for it... wait for it... wait for it... and then giggle like crazy. It's adorable.

He still excels in eating. Unfortunately, this also seems to be the thing he's chosen to "control." We hope it's just during the transition... and that this isn't a long-term thing here. I'm not going to go into depth on this now, but let's just say that food is a trigger right now and it's made for some very, very hard days. There's not much he won't eat, although he is NOT a fan of craisins or butternut squash. He loves all food, but seems to adore his dark green veggies... spinach, broccoli, beans, and kale... it's all the first to go when it appears on his plate. (And it goes quick!) If you are wondering what Spencer's take is on that... he just looks at Milo with a disgusted look on his face and says "You have weird tastes Milo." (Guess who leaves his vegetables??)

{His first taste of lemon sorbet. See how he's scoping the scene for more to eat?!}

His sign usage includes "eat," "more," "please," and "all done." (Not shocking that it's all related to food.) He also uses the international gesture for "mine" (the index finger pointing at the chest). He totally learned that from me... since he would come begging at the table for my coffee, my breakfast, whatever... and I'd say "no, that's mine." while pointing at myself. Now he just stands there and points at himself too. Then opens his mouth. (He has usually eaten by this point, so I don't really give in. Especially when he's trying to get my coffee!) He's now gotten brazen enough to attempt to climb up on my chair and push me out. Or, he climbs up in the chair next to me and leans over my food and stares at it the whole time I am eating. It's funny... and not. All at once.

{"Can we eat now?!"}

He also has what we call the "go go gadget" arms. We think we've pulled him out far enough from the table... but somehow he manages to streeeetttccchh them to the table to get the last few crumbs. Just the other day, he managed to maneuver his whole booster (and the chair it was strapped to) over to the table by rocking back and forth. He cleared well over three feet. Doug and I just sat and stared at each other. How do you react to that?!

While we are on the subject of food... When Milo is done eating, he needs to get his face and hands wiped down. (Don't most 21 month olds?!) But as soon as we turn around from the sink with cloth in hand, he slaps his hands over his face in the "Don't wipe my face gesture." It's then a battle to see if we can pry his hands from his face and wipe him down before he proceeds his next tactic of "I'm smearing them all over my hair. And you!" It looks a lot like this:

{Oh, are we not wiping my face?!}

Milo babbles. A lot. Most of it we don't understand. But it's still hysterical. Like when he picks up the old cell phone and starts yelling into it right next to his mouth, gesturing with the other hand... then "hangs up" and proceeds to wipe it off on the bottom of his shirt. (We think he picked this up from his foster mother.) He also will babble to himself when he's doing something like building with duplos. It's almost as if he's saying "gooood... good... good..." And if we are out running errands and I move us on from a certain section that he has found intriguing... he tells. me. off. in babble. Complete with hand gestures and facial expressions. It's highly entertaining to all.

He's increasing his "real words" too. He's gone from just having "eat" and "umma," "appa," and "hyung" to also using "Da!" (complete with double index finger point) for Doug and "Mum" (with a sightly British lilt) for me. (I don't think he knows what to call Spencer since we use so many nicknames with him.) He also says "bye" (which is more like "Byyyyyeeeeyyyyyeee!!!!") "uh-oh" and "no." (Which sounds like "nnnnnooooooo" in a high-pitched sing-song voice. He does it while smiling and shaking his head.) Another new word is "bite?" As in, "can I have a bite of that?!" If I'm sneaking a snack or trying to scarf down a meal, he will often appear at my side saying, "Bite? Bite? Biiiiittteee????" And tonight at dinner, I think we heard "noodle."

He also knows that when I say "we have to be quiet" that he should put his index finger to his lips to "ssshhh" us. He hasn't quite gotten the "sshh" part down though... instead he sucks in air while going "ssssss" One day I will capture it on video. Also going to be captured is his reaction when you say "so strong!" he balls his fists and flexes as hard as he can! (Until he shakes) It never fails to crack us up.

{"What, I'm not eating dirty snow!"}

He loves to hang outside... and he really loves to watch Spencer. Poor Spencer often has a set of eyes watching him. Constantly.

Milo clearly knows what a camera is. And I do not take all the blame for this. {wink} He will walk around and pick up whatever electronic gadget he comes across and hold it to his face, squinch up his eyes, and go "eeeee!"

{Sometimes he actually finds a toy camera!}

And the best development?! He's starting to give unsolicited hugs. :)

{That's all for now!}