We. Are. Four.

{Sorry for the delay... not only has it been crazy here, I've had limited internet and server issues.} Really, need I say more?! We. Are. Four... Together. Finally! We're feeling every emotion under the sun as we navigate our new family dynamic. There's joy, there's sadness. There is hope and excitement. And there is fear and uncertainty too. But overall... there is just a feeling of peace. This is how it was meant to be. We are now complete... and we didn't even know that we were incomplete. Funny how that works.

The transition has gone better than we expected. Much better. So, of course, we are patiently waiting for the other shoe to fall... and just hoping it doesn't happen during that looooong plane ride home. (Actually, with all this talk of severe weather in the states, I'm just hoping there is a long plane ride home!) And really, if that's when it happens... that's when it happens. We'll muddle through and it will be another story to tell later on. Right?!

Everyone in the adoption process tells you, "These kids are so brave." And you kind of just nod your head and murmur agreement. Then you actually go through it and think, "Holy. Cow. This kid is SO brave." Yes, there have been tears and frustration and looks of "You people are doing this all wrong!" But overall, he's rolling with the punches and seems to have accepted that this is his new norm. He's already using the Korean terms of "Umma, Appa, and Hyung" to refer to us. (Mother, Father, and Big brother.)

I plan to write more on this... but now I need to get Spencer to the breakfast buffet before he expires from starvation. And really... this is what you are here for:


{Meet Milo.}


{He's a pretty happy guy...}


{Until you put him in a zipper.}