It's "go time!"


{Sleepy Seoul}

Last I wrote, we were waiting... with no idea when we would be called back to Korea. We were told to hope for February, but no guarantees.

So imagine our surprise (among many other emotions) when we received a call from our social worker last Wednesday evening asking us if we thought we could be in Korea by Monday morning to take custody of our second son. My husband very diplomatically responded with a "We can try!"

The travel gods must have been on our side, because everything fell into place relatively quickly, and by 1 am on Thursday morning we had flights booked, hotel accommodations arranged, and a tentative custody appointment. We collapsed into bed, knowing the next two days were going to be consumed by travel prep (we didn't have a thing packed), wrapping up work obligations (easier for me than he), and trying not to completely. freak. out. (since we also hadn't toddler-proofed.)

Fast forward 54 hours and we were on a Delta flight, bound for Korea. Hard to believe after 10 months of waiting, the time was finally here.

I've mentioned before that people, myself included, refer to this adoption process as a roller coaster. After being through some of the lowest lows, the deepest dips, I feel as though we're climbing to the peak—ready to plummet down—screaming and laughing... and then about to barrel through the loop-de-loops of transition and attachment. And my belly is already doing flip-flops.

And now, here I sit. Halfway across the world, in a city that lives in my heart. Seoul is still fast asleep, but my mind is wide awake. If all goes according to plan, we will be a family of four.. together... before the day is done. I'm excited, anxious, overwhelmed, emotional, nervous, thrilled... the list goes on and on. Yet, I also find myself oddly at peace. After tearing up for days, and literally crying my way through the trip... I sit here calm, the city outside my window asleep, and peaceful... and not. All at once. (I realize that must not make sense, but this process—at times—also does not make sense. So I feel as though it's appropriate.) Today marks the beginning of a whole new chapter.

Oh yes friends, it's "go time" indeed.