Adoption Purgatory

Oh, where to start?! We are in the place I never, ever thought we'd be. I like to call it "Adoption Purgatory." Last I wrote, we were still here… and still waiting. Patiently. And guess what!? We are still here. And still waiting. (But lots less patiently.) Without going into any details (because I can't), let's just say we hit some unexpected bumps in the road. This means that our last conclusion date wasn't actually a conclusion at all, and that we've only just begun the court-mandated waiting period. Friends, that is one bitter pill to swallow. I truly thought that we were in the clear, ready to go…

But, a niggling feeling of unease has been with me. It's been with me since well before my last post. Our conclusion date came and went with no Embassy Appt. That alone is not the current norm for the process. Then a few more days went by… with nothing. Many emails were exchanged between us and our SW here, and our SW and our agency there. Still, nothing. And then! Finally! A week and a half after our conclusion date, five weeks after our court date… my phone rings. The caller!? Our agency! But, oh, it was NOT the call I was expecting to get. Honestly, it was not even a call I thought I could get at this point. Instead of "I have a visa appointment for you," I heard "This is not the call you were expecting." I'm not sure my heart could have sunk any quicker than it did. Nor do I think I have ever shaken so badly in my life.

Overall, things are still on track. It's just that we've switched to the slooooow lane. And, for obvious reasons, there is a lot less certainty in our process. We have a new tentative conclusion date to look towards… but, honestly, I'm not really going to believe it until we get that call that we have an Embassy appointment. (And really, I probably won't even believe it then. I'll believe it when the plane takes off with all FOUR of us on it.)

So, for the time being, we will continue to wait. (And hope. And wish. And pray.) I'm going to try to make it another productive two weeks… but I won't lie. This wait has just gotten excruciatingly painful. Let's see if I can distract myself from this, shall we?!