Still Here. Still Waiting.

Tomorrow marks four weeks since we were in court. Aaaannddd… we're still waiting to hear when we will go back. That means that we've gone from "We should be back three to four weeks after court." to "Hopefully we will be back soon." Part of me … a big part of me… is ready to just get on with it already and figure out what our new life will be like. I'm tired of our life being on hold and a hard transition hanging over our heads. That said, there is also a part of me that is grateful that we are still here, still waiting. This has been a pretty productive four weeks for us all… While I can't really go into details about any of it publicly, we've been making the most of the time waiting. (Although we still have yet to toddler-proof. We really must take care of that.) And, it totally justifies our decision to come home between trips. I mean, really… could you even imagine if we were sitting over there waiting for this visa appointment?! Egad.  There's still a chance that we receive word today that we have a Visa appointment… but I'm not holding my breath. And really, it's ok. Honestly. I see why the timing is what it is. But I reserve the right to be really, really annoyed if we have three days notice after waiting 4+ weeks. OK?! At this point, we really have no guesses when this may happen. (Hopes, yes. Guesses, no.) History shows that most families receive notification of their Visa appointments prior to their conclusion date, and they occur shortly thereafter the case conclusion… but considering our conclusion date has come and gone… that's not us. So stalking others timelines will not shed light… only time will tell! Until the next, hopefully more exciting post… We're here. We're waiting. And it's ok.

{I've stepped back from all things social media this month… kind of on accident. I hope to catch up soon. Bear with me. I also owe many people emails. Again, I'm trying.}

Now, since it's not a good blog post without pictures… here's a few miscellaneous street shots from Seoul...