Seoul 2013 : Day Two

We decided to let Spencer choose the agenda for this day. We figured it was only fair since there was a lot dictated to all of us over the previous 48 hours! We laid out three options for him and he immediately chose Pororo Park as his destination of choice. For those of you who don't know, Pororo is a very famous Korean cartoon character. Spencer is very familiar with him, and is a big fan. He's watched the cartoons on YouTube for years and also has a variety of the merchandising materials. After breakfast, we headed out. We chose to walk to a nearby subway line and take public transit to our destination. Not only are the subways in Seoul super easy to navigate, subways in general are another favorite of Spencer… I'm pretty sure he's ridden them in most of the cities we've visited!

{Walking to the subway from our hotel…}

{Street Breakfast?}

{One of the subway lines near our hotel…}

{I love how easy this is to understand…}

{Waiting for the subway…}


We arrived at the correct subway station… and in our sleep-deprived/jetlagged stupor… completely missed the entrance to the complex. So after a nice, long, circuitous route… we finally made it! As we made our way down to the park entrance, we passed an indoor skating rink...

I actually thought that Spencer was going to pull an audible on the day's plans… and then he turned around and there. they. were. The whole gang!

{Pororo and Friends…}

Pororo Park is a nice, clean, small complex for little ones. I'd say that Spencer was one of the oldest kiddos in there… but he still really enjoyed it. He started out in the big bounce room, and could have stayed there all day I bet. After a little prodding, he moved on and checked out some of the other attractions there...

{Blast off!!}

Above, Spencer is hanging with Pororo outside of Pororo's little house. Inside, you found a Pororo-sized bed and dresser, a kitchen, and a bath. It was very cute. And Spencer had a blast squeezing himself into Pororo's bed and tub. (There are no photos, it was hard enough to get myself in Pororo's little house!)

After doing a quick lap on the first floor, we went back up to the upper level where Spencer had spied a sandbox on the way in.

{Spencer's personal heaven…}

{See the hello pants they made him put on?!}

{Enviable position…}

After his time in the sandbox, we headed back downstairs to hit up some rides. Mama and Spencer went in the ferris wheel, and then Spencer took one of the "bumper cars" for a spin...

{The helmet was just a wee bit too big!}

{Hanging with his two favorites… Pororo and Crong!}

Spencer did a few more laps of the complex… and then… just when he didn't think it could get any better...


He played for a little while longer… and then our time was up. He chose to go on the train as his last hurrah. I think the smile says it all… no?!

{Chooooo!!! Choooo!!!!}

After the train ride… we decided to get our stuff and head out. I think Pororo Park was the perfect thing for a morning where we wanted to go do something… but wanted something easy. You pay (a lot of money) for a two hour admission to the complex. The rides run on a twenty minutes "on," thirty minutes "off" schedule… staggered throughout the place so that there is always one ride running. Some parts like the bouncers and the sandbox have sign-up queues, and the kids are given fifteen minute slots in them. (We somehow got around this for the bouncy room though.) Spencer had a blast… which is all that really matters!

After Pororo Park, we decided to head back to the hotel. On our journey, we had seen a mandu (dumpling) place that looked intriguing...

We all chose to get the Mandu Ttuk, which is a kimchi dumpling soup. It was *amazing.*

{It's cold here!}

After lunch… we headed back up to the hotel for some down time and swimming. (Spencer's second choice of the day!) It was a much needed lazy afternoon. We were definitely feeling the time change and were dragging… After swimming, we decided to go for an "easy" dinner and headed out to a recommendation from our social worker. About two blocks from the hotel is a pizza place, called Brick Oven Pizza, that serves NY style pizza. Now, I'm not sure I would call it NY style (and considering my roots, I like to think I can judge that)… but it was GOOD. We needed some comfort food and this hit the spot. It's gotten rave reviews on travel sites and blogs alike… and has been referred to as "Seoul's best pizza." We figure that it counts as eating local if we are eating at one of the best in the city… right?! After dinner, we headed back to the hotel and crashed!

{View of the alley, at night…}