Seoul 2013 : Day Three

Otherwise known as Saturday. Also known as "The Day of Rest."

We woke up very, very early on Saturday morning after another weird night of not-so-great-sleep. We went out to breakfast… and while we were there, made the executive decision to have an easy day. One of my friends had sent me an email after I sent out a plea on social media for positive thoughts and prayers re: our jet lag. In it, she said… "Just because it's there, doesn't mean you have to see it! Take time to take care of yourselves." I thought those were pretty wise words… no?! They really struck a chord with me. Over breakfast Doug and I chatted about it and realized that we were so tired that we really wouldn't appreciate any of the sights we saw that day, given our state of mind.

{Much needed nap…}

So we had breakfast, and then went back to the hotel to sleep! We woke up, feeling very refreshed, and decided to check out Kyobo books. Kyobo is a huge bookstore here in Seoul, and one of the branches is just down the street from where we are staying. Maybe a five minute walk… If that!

I'm not sure I can put into words how amazing Kyobo is. It's huge. And filled with all sorts of amazing books. Some of it's amazing simply because they are books we know, but in Korean. (Like Llama Llama Red Pajama)Some are original Korean works. And some are a mix. Kyobo also has a huge toy section, a huge gift section, and a huge stationary section. Not to mention the CDs and electronics. I'm pretty sure we spent a solid two hours there happily browsing, and none of us left empty handed. If time and money were no object… I could easily spend a whole day in there. No joke.

{I have several of these in English!}

{The stairs out of Kyobo…}

After Kyobo, we decided to head to Paris Baguette for lunch. This is a huge Korean chain that we've had in the US, but never here. (odd, huh?!) We had a simple, yet incredibly delicious, lunch. I discovered a love for bulgogi sandwiches and Spencer discovered a love for "green bottle" pomegranate water. After lunch, we strolled up and down the main road for a little while longer, taking in the atmosphere… then headed back to the hotel for some more relaxation and swimming.

. . .

{In Seoul, "Christmas cakes" are a really big deal here. They are all over the place… and over the top! Even Baskin-Robbins has a display!}

After swimming, we decided to head out for dinner. We asked the concierge for a dinner recommendation in the vein of Pho or a noodle bar. He sent us to a Chinese restaurant. :) Not exactly what we were looking for… but it worked! We had a incredibly delicious dinner there… Pho for me (surprise!), a seafood noodle dish for Doug, and fried rice for Spencer.

{This was across from where we ate. We've passed by it several times, and I just love it. Maybe because it reminds me of my favorite k-drama ever?!}

{Or, it's because it's decked in my favorite colors!}

Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel and crashed… hoping for a much better night of sleep...

{The hotels are decorated so nicely around here!}

{This may be one of my favorite shots ever.}