Seoul 2013 : Day One

Otherwise known as "Meeting Milo Day!" I'm going to blog about the day leading up to Milo first, then blog about the meeting separately. 

{Snowy Seoul}

Our day started niiiicceee and early. Three am to be exact. Due in part to jet lag, in part due to nerves and anxiety. All of it related to not being able to sleep much past three. We stayed in bed until 4-ish, then gave in and turned on some tv and read for a bit. At five, we decided to get ready to start the day. Given the fact that we hadn't had much sleep, we still felt pretty decent. (Thank goodness for adrenaline!) After we all showered, we bundled up and headed to find some food. We knew that there was a Starbucks around the corner, so we decided to go with the known quantity. Especially given how early it was. We walked out of the hotel and found that it was snowing! It was magical.

We walked over to the Starbucks and had some coffee and bagels. (When we traveled for Spencer's adoption… we had many a breakfast at Starbucks. It's almost like a tradition.) After breakfast, we walked back to the hotel on side streets, taking in the snow and the atmosphere of Gangnam in the dark. (It's dark here rather late in the morning… and very quiet until way after nine.) Once we arrived back at the hotel, we prepared for our meeting… we ironed clothes, wrapped presents, and got everything lined up to go. At this point it was only ten, and rather than sit in the room looking at each other, we chose to walk around some more. The snow had stopped and the sun was peeking out… so we donned our jackets, grabbed our cameras, and headed out...

We did a large lap of the neighborhood, walking on the main roads this time, then headed back to the hotel for a quick snack before going to our meeting. We grabbed some pastries from the lobby, then went up to our room and ate. Or, you know, tried too. The anxiety and nerves hit a peak right around the same time we had to eat. Of course! Getting ready was a bit of a blur, and before we knew it… it was time to go to the lobby and hail a cab!

{Presents… all ready to go!}

The cab ride over to the agency was super quick (as we knew it would be) so we were early… which was fine by us! Our social worker immediately recognized us and came over to say hello, then asked us to wait while she wrapped up a few things. While we were waiting, we showed Spencer the playroom and the "hand off" room. We were pleasantly surprised when Spencer's social worker walked into the room and immediately came over to say hello. Spencer went right over to her and hugged her and then sat with her for a little while chatting. It's clear that she not only reads the updates we send, but that she remembers the details. It was so wonderful to see her… and we get to see her again next week!

And then… it was time to go meet Milo!