Seoul 2013 : The Journey Here

{Waving to the Korean Air pilots}

I'm not going to lie. It was a long, long journey here. Yes, we knew it would be… but the reality was just as long as we expected. (I was kind of hoping that it would feel way shorter than I thought it would be.) I will say however that Spencer did really well on the way over. We flew to Dallas on Monday afternoon, and stayed overnight in Dallas. We were then able to catch a Korean Air flight from Dallas on Tuesday morning, arriving in Seoul late on Wednesday afternoon.

The first flight was four hours, and it seemed to fly by. {pun intended} That may have had something to do with the fact that I had the single seat though...

The flight to Seoul was 15 hours and change. It was a pretty uneventful flight… a couple of movies for Spencer, a couple of meals, and even a couple of naps. Again, Spencer did really, really well. The only mishap was when we realized that when Doug synced my iPad to my computer, it had sent all the shows and movies I had downloaded back up the cloud, so we had to rely on the in-air options. But we did it! We landed, flew through immigration, grabbed our bags, flew through customs, and found the Korean Air bus. We only had to wait about 20 minutes until the bus arrived and were so relieved to be in the home stretch.

Or… not. Our "about an hour" trip quickly became "well over two" with all the traffic. All of us were so exhausted at this point that I think we could have cried. I chose to doze instead. {wink} We finally arrived at the hotel at 8pm local time. (6am EST) Not really too bad, but 24 hours and counting at that point for Doug and I.

But! The end was in sight!

Until I turned around from the check-in desk and realized that we were short a suitcase. They all came off the bus, but somewhere along the line one was put back onto the bus instead of on the bellman's cart. (I have no idea how this happened. Both the bellman and I counted them off several times in Korean. It was just mass chaos though, so I think the bus driver grabbed it when no one was looking, not having been in the conversation.) So after a bit of a frantic conversation with all the bell staff, and lots of "walkie talkie"ing between them and the bus driver, the suitcase was located, left with another local hotel, and then brought over to our hotel by that hotels courtesy driver. While we were waiting, the boys ordered up some sandwiches and I tried to unpack the bags we did have. (In case you were wondering, it was Doug's bag that took the joy ride.) The bag finally showed up about 45 minutes after we made the realization and Doug unpacked quickly so that we could all get to bed. We collapsed around ten… hoping to get a decent night's sleep…

{"Are we there yet?!"}