Tis' the Season...

To Deck the Halls... Trim the Tree...

And, apparently, Pack Our Bags!!! 

Yup, that's right… we're going to KOREA!

We were beyond shocked to receive a call yesterday afternoon telling us that we had a court date and asking for us to get ourselves to Korea.

I'm keeping the timing intentionally vague right now for privacy purposes… but I can share that we will meet Milo before Christmas, and our court date is after Christmas. (So yes, we are spending the holidays away, and luckily have friends here to housesit for us.) We are certainly bringing new meaning to the words "It's the most wonderful time of year!" Although, we also find ourselves completely overwhelmed and freaked out in addition to feeling joyous and excited. [Note: It's not easy to find flights and hotel with about two weeks notice at the holidays… Just saying.] But, even that is kind of par for the course with the holidays… no?!

My list just got a whole lot longer. I have bags to pack (once I go buy them that is), Court outfits to assemble, gifts to buy… and somewhere in there, I need to arrange for Santa to come early. Spencer will be coming with us, but we feel like it's not fair to Santa's elves to switch up the delivery logistics, so we will celebrate Christmas here before we leave. Of course, last I heard, Santa had no idea what to get Spencer… so here's hoping that inspiration hits. Soon.

My head is whirling and details are coming too fast and furious to keep track of them all. So I won't...

Instead, I'll leave it with this: We are meeting our son—soon. We are celebrating the holiday in our children's birth country. We are one huge step closer. A crazy and chaotic season for sure… but one we will never, ever forget.

Happy Holidays To Us!

{One of us is ready… any guesses?!}