Flashback Friday : Three years of KASY

I cannot believe that I have only written about one KASY event!! How is that even possible?! I guess life really does get in the way of documenting it sometimes. First, maybe I should remind you all of what KASY is… KASY stands for Korean American Students of Yale. Every spring, and every fall they host an "Adopted Friends" day. They feed us a delicious Korean lunch, they have programming for kids and adults, and lots of fun and laughs intermingled. Each attendant is paired off with a "big sib" (a Yale student) and they go off and do the children's programming while the adults listen to various speakers or partake in panels. It's been both incredibly encouraging and informational… and sometimes even a wee bit overwhelming. A few weeks ago, we attended yet another KASY event… but before I blog about that… a catch-up post of the past three years of KASY "Adopted Friends" days… In case you are wondering, Spencer has been lucky enough to be paired with the same sibs multiple times… and it's always so nice to catch up with them again and again. Without further ado… photos. Lots and lots of photos.

{Meeting our "big sib"}

{Off to have fun!}

{The group activity was "Make Your Own Hoddeoks"}

{Spencer got right into the action}

{Always a willing taste tester!}

{"Uh, that icky."}

{Sampling his handiwork}

{Always time for some bubbles}

{And all too soon… it was time for hugs goodbye…}

That was November 2010… Moving on to 2012...

{Some of the lunch spread…}

{"Hi. Remember Me?!"}

{He found a chalking buddy.}

{Reunited with his "big sib!"}

{First up was a performance by Unity, The Korean Drumming Group on campus.}

{Spencer needed to document it!}

{Spencer loved the drumming so much that he and his big sib spent the whole day in the drum room!}

{Peeking at the gift bags…}

{Gearing up for the tug o' war}

{And before we knew it… time to say goodbye!}

And then we blinked, and it was time for KASY this past spring…

{First order of business… testing out those drums!}


At this event, the adults went off to watch a movie, "In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee," and then regrouped with the kids for a drumming performance:


Next up, Spencer's favorite… the tug of war!

{Notice the mid-air jump action!}

He managed to wrangle a few lessons before leaving...

And in return, we wrangled a few photos from him!

Here's hoping I am a little more timely on blogging about this past event!