163 Words

Yesterday, we received a rare update on Milo. It was one page, and contained 163 words. One hundred and sixty three words is not much, but we savored each and every one like you would a fine wine or a decadent dessert. A day later, we're still letting certain phrases roll around on our tongues...

  • He likes to eat what the family is eating.
  • He is a dream at bedtime.
  • He is an active boy. He is running and jumping!!!
  • He is not shy with strangers.
  • What a bright and charming little guy he is!

Such precious words to our waiting ears. Each one invaluable. (Especially those about what a good sleeper he is.) Yet, I find these updates bittersweet. You always want to know your child is happy and healthy, and to have someone you know validate this is priceless! But, it's also so hard to see them being happy and healthy … half a world away. Ah, the great Catch-22 of International adoption.

Note: This above was also 163 words. Not much, but invaluable… right?! {wink}