Tricks & Treats

OK, so I realize that Halloween happened over a week and a half ago… but in my blogging world as of late, this is actually pretty timely, no?! But, since I do realize I'm late to the party here, I'll also be sharing some other "tricks" and "treats" we've had 'round these parts lately... 1. Treat. Or maybe Trick? 

For weeks and weeks, Spencer has been talking about how he wanted to be a vampire for Halloween. In August, we scoured up a costume I bought *last* year on a whim. We practiced painting his face throughout September… we had a couple of fun photo shoots in early October….

And then…

2. Trick. 

He decided he wanted to be the Incredible Hulk. Which meant a last minute dash to some stores to acquire the goods for *that* costume. We practiced painting his face… but in the end, this is what we went with:

{The Hulk Dance}

He kinda makes a really stinking cute Hulk… so I guess I'm ok with it. {wink}

3. Treat. 

We are back to our regularly scheduled (i.e. daily) costume mix-up… Have you met Super Santa Vader yet?! He keeps neighborhood streets safe by using the force on all speeding cars. Truth.

4. Trick. 

We quit TaeKwonDo. For now. I know... It's hard to believe… right?! I don't really want to go into the dirty little details, but let's say it was a loooong time coming and it just had to happen. Sometimes, it just really really stinks to have to make parenting decisions. There were a lot of teary eyes that night… but that means that it was important to all of us, right?! We'll see what the new year brings, and for now… we will try to adapt to our less chaotic days. But it hurts.

5. Treat. 

We found out that our (Milo's) Exit Permit was approved in late October!!! This means that the Korean government is on board with him leaving the country. Woot!

6. Even Bigger Treat. 

We were submitted to court on November 4th!!! This was a shock to hear. We hadn't actually heard of EP approval when we got the phone call telling us that we had been submitted to court… needless to say, I was somewhat of a mess on that call. So, what does this mean?! It means we are in the home stretch!! We should hear in early December when our court date will be. Most likely, we will travel for court in early January… and then either stay until we receive approval and a Visa appointment, or come home and then return again in a few weeks. But regardless of how we work the travel… the big news is that we are essentially on the last step… COURT!

7. The Biggest Treat. 

The program director from our stateside agency went to Korea at the end of October. (This is why we weren't notified of EP approval… it happened while she was there and was basically "radio silent.") And when she was there… she met Milo!!! We had no idea that this would happen, so we are over the moon at this development. She's writing up a report and sending that as well as a dvd of the photos here… hopefully SOON. (I'm tempted to drive three states over to get them tomorrow.) She sums him up as "Spencer 2.0. He's adorable, outgoing, and lovable. I can already tell he's the perfect fit for your family." I don't even know how to express the joy and peace this brought us. To know that someone we've known for years met him and got to love on him was awesome. To know that there are photos and information coming is beyond exciting. (The last information we have is from his referral… which was actually done when he was 8 months of age. So a wee bit outdated.) I'm absolutely giddy.

So a few tricks, but mostly treats… I think that's just perfect for the Halloween season, no?! And we had lots of fun with our face painting kit. Clearly:


The. End.