Snapshot #4 {And Wordless Wednesday. And Macro Monday.}

{Wordless Wednesday : Dennis the Menace}

Outside my window: There's construction going on. After years and years of hold-ups, the land behind us is being developed. I'm mostly excited about it, but not loving that I can see flashes of construction equipment through the trees. Please, please, please let the remaining trees stay there. Anyone know what the quickest growing trees out there are? And if they will grow in a retention pond?! (Dear sister, I'm counting on you.)

I am thinking: About Christmas. No joke. My goal is to be done by Thanksgiving. We'll see how that goes... (If you know me, you know how crazy that goal is. I'm still working on sending out belated birthday gifts and thank you notes. From events that happened This. Summer.)

I am thankful for: So much. Really great friends (both around the corner and far away), really exciting work opportunities, and some really inspiring blog posts and podcasts recently. I've also been in a good running zone the past few weeks which has helped me sort through some stuff. It's all really, really good. :)

I am wondering: If we are going to receive EP approval this week. My sources tell me that we need to be approved this week in order to have any chance at court this year. Either way, I know it's all meant to be. But you better believe that if we aren't in Korea at the end of this year, we'll be somewhere tropical and all-inclusive. Or at least that's what I'm consoling myself with. (Not really, we'll be saving every penny for all that unpaid time off Doug will need to take.)

Last 3 purchases: A new microwave, some more fabric for Milo's room, winter uniforms for Spencer.

Dinner plans: A Thai Noodle soup. With Kimchi and Bop {rice} on the side... per Spencer's request. Earlier this week, we had one of our favorite recipes... A chicken-corn chili. I'm considering making it again next week. Yes, it's that good. Later this week, we'll be making a Wildtree dinner from a workshop I went to two weeks ago. It makes me happy to have Fall weather, and food!

Future plans I'm looking forward to: A birthday party for a special one-year-old this weekend and all sorts of Halloween festivities next weekend. And hopefully we will make it to the big jack-o-lantern display at the local zoo in the next week.

Kid funny: There's a few that have cracked me up recently...

Today is picture day at school. Over dinner last night, Spencer looked at me and said "Don't worry Mama, I'm going to give them the same smile I give you!" I was immediately worried. Trust me when I say his current "smile" leaves a lot to be desired. See:

The other morning, Spencer was lying in our bed, watching cartoons. It was an early weekend morning, so Doug was still sleeping. (Read: snoring.) Spencer tapped him on the shoulder and said, "Daddy, can you turn yourself down?! I can't hear my show!" (Sorry Doug.)

The last snapshot post  I did was the day before Chuseok. On Chuseok itself, we had plans to go to the local Korean restaurant for dinner. That didn't happen because Spencer didn't want Korean. (Not the normal response!) He wanted Chipotle. I tried to explain to him that it really was more appropriate to have Korean food since we were celebrating a Korean holiday. His response?! "Well, I'm the Korean here so I get to choose!" So we had Chipotle. Because he really did have a point there.

I am reading: The Outlander series. Still. These books are loooonnngggg. BUT, the third book of the Divergent series (Allegiant) comes out next week. I'm literally giddy with anticipation.

In the kitchen: My counters are clean, you can see my whole island (aka the "dumping ground"), and the floor is mopped. It's a very rare occurrence, and I'm reveling in it.

Watching: Everything. Seriously. There's so much on TV right now! Between the return of old favorites and the addition of new options... I've got some serious decisions to make. And, I'm having a mini-marathon of "The Good Wife" too. Oy.

On my frequent playlist: Nothing. I'm too busy trying to catch up on my TV backlog.

Snacking on: Snacks are still really hard for me. After this summer, I don't crave much. I realize that is an enviable position. But it's tough when you are hungry but nothing strikes your fancy. Also difficult is when what you are craving is on your "absolutely not!" list.

Rest-of-the-day-plans: I've got errands to run, chores to do, a few work deadlines to meet. After school we are headed to a playground if the weather holds.

And since I missed Macro Monday...