"If," the game

I've blogged about this game before. You know, the game we adoptive parents can play with all these vague timelines we are given. (Or, not given. Depending on your agency both stateside and in Korea.) I've gotten very good at obsessing over sourcing information... so I feel like I have some good reason to play another round of The "If" Game. Want to join along?! Here's my current "If" game scenario...

IF our Exit Permit (EP) was submitted at the end of August, we are halfway through the expected 60-day wait for approval. YAY! This part of the process is new to us because with Spencer's adoption it happened "behind the curtain" and we were never informed. But, due to the changes in the program and the timeline, it appears that we are now notified of this step. We were asked not to share our submission date at the time, but I'm figuring it's safe to share now, since our Korean agency is almost "caught up" and is now (apparently) submitting EPs shortly after the referral acceptances are received. Also, it's important to note that this is all on the Korean government side, so for now, we seem to be unaffected by the government shut down.

IF we have approval (meaning that Milo is indeed allowed to exit the country) in mid-late October, our documents will be submitted to court anywhere between 3 days and 3 weeks later. Once our case is submitted to court, we need to wait about a month to be given our court date... which would probably be another few weeks out from that point.

IF you were able to keep track of all that (you deserve a medal, since I can barely keep track of it all!) there is still a chance we could travel late this year. (Like by the skin of our teeth. But at least using this year's PTO that we've been hoarding like squirrels. Way too many analogies in one thought stream... sorry.)

And IF we travel this year, then our last care package has already reached Milo! (If we don't travel this year, you better believe I'm sending a big ole Christmas package over!)

Last month, some sweet blogging friends brought their son home! Woot! A couple of weeks earlier, they traveled to Korea to meet their son and appear in court. (EEK!) Months and months ago, they generously offered to hand deliver a package for Milo. How could we turn down that offer? It's one thing to send off love in a box... but trust me when I say it's a whole different thing to have friends carrying it with them. So much more meaningful to us. We tried to keep it sweet, simple, and small. We included a couple new outfits for the colder weather, as well as a whimsical knit hat, and something Spencer chose. We also included a little gift for the social worker and the foster mother, as well as a note. It's hard to come up with something meaningful, and useful... and a little bit unique. But, I think we did a pretty decent job! (Let's hope they think so too!)

Here's what traveled to Seoul recently... and is hopefully being enjoyed already!

{Two outfits. Sizes 18 months and 2T... I'm hoping I guessed right, or that his foster mother is good at "cinching."} {Based on his earlier measurements and trusty growth chart, I think I'm guessing correctly. And yes, he will be the same size as Spencer before we know it.}

{I seriously love this onesie. Not only because Milo was born in the year of the dragon... but because it seems very "Spencer-esque" to me in the expression. Ha!}

{This top pretty much sums up our area. And it was discovered in my favorite shop in town. Meant to be.}

{Bath squirters that Spencer chose... unprompted! Love. It's moments like these that you know he's excited to meet Milo.}

{And the hat Mama made...}

{And modeled by big brother!}

So, like I said... we tried to keep it simple and sweet. Although I never realized how much space warm toddler clothes and knit "gnome" hats took up! So maybe I shouldn't have said "small." But no matter the size, the love component was HUGE. Not only ours, but that of Kristin and Nick who took it over for us. Thank you so much you two!

So there you have it... the latest version of The "If" Game. We still don't have too many firm details yet... but we're getting closer. And there is no ifs, ands, or buts about how incredibly happy that makes us!