Snapshot #3

I feel like I've had writer's block. Or whatever it's called when you are avoiding writing about the elephant in the room, and I've been too paralyzed by the elephant to write anything else. The elephant is named "Summer" and let's just say that it, well, sucked. Don't get me wrong, there were several amazing, wonderful moments (my baby turned FIVE!) ... but the overall theme of July and early August was: "UGH," even though that isn't nearly strong enough to sum up my feelings and emotions about it. I think that it was difficult, soul crushing and depressing to have everything that went down in our lives pile on. All at once. We muddled through that dark time, and I finally feel like we're rounding the bend. No. I feel like we have rounded the bend. A new chapter has begun. But, I didn't know how to get back in the blogging groove. I decided at the end of last week that I was going to post about the elephant. So I did. And then I proofread it and I realized that no one wants to read that kind of post. So instead, I saved it to my hard drive as my one and only journal entry. And now I'm moving on. I'm happy to have the worst summer in recent memory over. (I'd say it was even worse than the summer of no sleep and non-stop rain.) I'm ready to embrace my favorite season. I'm thrilled to be getting on with life. But how to start blogging again? I've chosen this. I promise to be around these parts more often. And my favorite coffee shop and I have a date tomorrow to catch up on the reading of other blogger's posts.

To those of you who let me cry/complain/whine over appetizers, emails and text messages: Thank you. You'll never know how bright your lights shined for me...   


Outside my window: It's dark. I miss the days where it was light until after 8. But the crickets are chirping, which makes me feel like we haven't completely succumbed to Fall yet.

I am thinking: Of nothing. Seriously. I'm just thinking, let's get something posted so I can feel comfortable in this space again. Sad, but true.

I am thankful for: A "working diagnosis" and a plan of action that all my doctors and holistic healers agree on and support. We are a week into the new regimen and I feel, for the first time in months and months, like my old self. No. I feel like a new and improved version of my new self! It's amazing how much brighter life can be when you aren't struggling your way through the hours, days, and weeks. {Note: The Mind-Gut connection is very, very real. And guess what?! It works both ways. Who knew?!} In addition, the other areas in our life that were derailed and spiraling out of control seem to be back on track. I don't even think I can put into words how relieved I am by that.

I am wondering: What's next in my life. No biggie, right?!

Last 3 purchases: A Clickin' Moms magazine renewal, school shoes for Spencer (we're still searching for the perfect pair that don't result in a morning argument), and yarn for a few knitting projects.

Dinner plans: A new recipe for slow cooker barbacoa beef.  I'm on the quest for the perfect chipolte-esque rice bowl at home.

Future plans I'm looking forward to: apple picking with friends this weekend, seeing my sister-in-law and nephew next week, and...

Kid funny: Oh, so many these days... especially with the start of school. (That's the next post!)

"George Washington was our first president! And he invented the American flag." When asked what the president does: "Make flags!" {Several minutes pass} "... Oh, and he watches over the United States."

Spencer's teacher: "What song should we sing this morning?!" (Most kids answer twinkle twinkle, old McDonald, etc) Spencer, with a completely straight face: Gangnam Style.

"No Mama, you don't get it. It's really hard to be me these days." {Uhm, no. Kid, you do not even know how good you have it.}

I don't find this funny, but I bet you all will. Somehow, Spencer stumbled upon the old "Waaasssuuuppp?!"  Budweiser commercials. And he. is. obsessed. So now, every morning he walks into {his catholic-run Montessori} school and says "Waaaaassssuuuupppp???" to the first person he sees. Two times out of three, it's the principal. Good times I tell ya. Good. Times.

I am reading: The Outlander series. I've read it before... but a friend recently reminded me how much I love it. I just finished the Uglies series... which was really good. But I needed a little bit of rich, historical novel to balance out the dystopian fiction.

In the kitchen: A very, very long to-do list. It actually scares me a little. I only seem to be adding to it, and not completing items which is slightly terrifying. (Where is all this "free time" I was promised with the start of the school year?!)

Watching: The same stuff. Although I am SO excited for the Fall line-up. So many shows that look good. Uhm, that's probably not going to help the ever-growing to-do list, huh?!

On my frequent playlist: "Wake Me Up" by Aviici and "Best Day of My Life" by American Authors. I actually play the second one every morning. It's good for the soul. :)

Snacking on: I'm currently obsessed with the Sea Salt BoomChickaPop. There's very little I want to snack on these days... but I crave this. AND, my stomach and I remain on speaking terms even after the most generous of helpings. Win-win!

Rest-of-the-day-plans: I'm so out of practice with blogging that it's taken me almost two hours to get this done. (Sad, but true.) Sooo... not much. But tomorrow, tomorrow I plan to take the world by storm! No, really. I do.


Aaaannnddd... since it's Chuseok today, I'm sharing some photos from our "oh my goodness, it's Chuseok tomorrow!" photo shoot last night. Not our most successful outing, for sure... but I do think that I captured the essence of Spencer, so that's a plus.

{He's dancing here. Not kidding.}

 {"Am I close enough now?!"}


 {"C is for Chuseok"}

 {"BOO! Oh, wait. Wrong holiday."}

 {"Happy Chuseok Everyone!!!!"}