Snapshot #2

It's been a looooong time since I visited this space here. A month, basically. While there has been good reason, I do have a lot to catch up on. And what better way to get "back into the blogging groove" than with a snapshot post?! So, here goes...
Outside my window: It's just about sunset... the end to another weekend, a start to a new week.
I am thinking: How unbelievable it is that we have less than a month left of summer. It's been really good in some ways, and really rough in others. I'm trying to decide how I feel about putting it behind us. Fall brings lots of changes that I'm not ready for yet as well... so I think I will just try to savor these last few weeks.
I am thankful for: Feeling a little better, if not even close to 100%. Many of you know, or have guessed, that I haven't been feeling well. I seem to have stumped the doctors with whatever it is, but let's just say that the last month has been difficult, frustrating, upsetting, and a bunch of other emotions I don't want to spend too much time on. I'm just hoping that the current mix of medical and holistic treatments gets me back to "normal" ASAP. (Positive thoughts that we figure it out are always appreciated.) On the upside, I lost a whopping 14 pounds through all of this, so I'm trying to enjoy that aspect of all of this. Although... I wouldn't mind having an appetite again.
I am wondering: If I should just give up on blogs and social media until the summer is over. But if I were to do that, how does one return? I don't know. (Fellow bloggers, I am trying to catch up!)
Last 3 purchases: Care package goodies, school uniforms (BAH!), and Thomas the Tank Engine wooden trains. Yes, Thomas the Tank Engine. We still really love those trains here. Huh.
Dinner plans: For tomorrow?! No idea. Hoping that a grocery run happens between now and then... preferably one filled with inspiration.
Future plans I'm looking forward to: Seeing some friends from afar next weekend, and a little getaway for ME in a couple of weeks.
Kid funny: Oh man... he's been SO funny lately. And I can't think of a single tidbit to share. That's so wrong. I must get better about remembering these. Or writing them down. For now, all I can offer up is the following: Recently, we were at the beach. The lifeguards blew the whistle, which immediately garnered Spencer's attention. He said "Lifeguards get to use whistles?!" To which I responded. "Yup, they do. It's to get the attention of the swimmers in the ocean." Spencer said, "I'm going to be a lifeguard when I get older!" When I informed him he would probably have to be able to get his face wet, he said "Oh, never mind. I'll find another career that needs a whistle." Writing it out, it doesn't seem so funny, but it was at the time. I promise the next kid funny will be "laugh out loud" funny.
I am reading: Lots and lots and lots of young adult fiction. Including a re-read of "City of Bones" in preparation for the movie release in 11 days. Not that I'm counting or anything.
In the kitchen: Lots of dirty dishes and a messy, messy table. And counters. What can I say... I'm procrastinating!
Watching: Covet Affairs and Rookie Blue. My two favorite summer shows.
On my frequent playlist: The Script's "Hall of Fame" ... otherwise known as "Spencer's song" around here. Mostly because of this video.

Snacking on: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. No appetite = no snacking. Yay???

Rest-of-the-day-plans: It's late. So, maybe a little TV watching, a little knitting, or a little reading? Maybe some photo editing. I've slacked majorly on that recently! (I may, or may not, have over 700 photos waiting to be downloaded. Oops.)
Happy Sunday Night!