Snapshot #1

I feel like I need to get my blogging mojo back. (And my blog reading mojo, and my email answering mojo, and my laundry mojo, and my cooking mojo... you get the picture.) So, I'm "borrowing" a little snapshot concept that my friend Melissa does. I hope it gets the creative juices flowing again. If nothing else... I hope you get a giggle or two from it.
Outside my window: It's pouring rain. Not a gross rain, but a summer rain that is cool and seems to be cutting the way-too-heavy humidity.
I am thinking: About a little boy, halfway across the world, who is turning ONE this week. Expect a post on that soon.

I am thankful for: Finding my running mojo at least since it's kept me sane as Korea works through the first court cases since the new laws have gone into effect. I'm also thankful for good friends, near and far who have showered me with love and laughs over the past (very trying) two weeks.  

I am wondering: Why little socks always—ALWAYS!—get lost in the wash. Also, how can Spencer be one month and one week away from his FIFTH birthday?!

Last 3 purchases: A Father's Day gift, a mattress and dresser for Milo's room, and fabric (also for Milo).
Dinner plans: Two prepared meals from Whole Foods. It was just S and I so I phoned it in tonight.

Future plans I'm looking forward to: Celebrating Milo's birthday this week, somehow. And blog friends coming to visit next week!

Kid funny: I feel like there are so many these days... but this one is most appropriate for this week: When telling Spencer about how Milo was having a party {Dol} in Korea for his first birthday, Spencer responded, "He's having a party and I wasn't invited?!"

I am reading: Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling. Harry Potter it is not... but it is intriguing. It's a dense read, so it's taking longer than expected.

In the kitchen: See my above intro... it's been a little slow in the kitchen recently!

Watching: The Vampire Diaries. What can I say... it's a new-found guilty pleasure!

On my frequent playlist: #thatPOWER by Will.I.Am (Great music to pound out miles of adoption frustration)

Snacking on: pretty much everything.

Rest-of-the-day-plans: Considering it's 9pm... a little reading, maybe some knitting, and then bed!
Happy Monday Eve y'all!