It's a...

BOY!  Yup, that's exactly what you think it is! Earlier this week we accepted the referral of an adorable 10-month old baby boy!! We were not expecting this call. In fact, I had told Doug 48 hours earlier that we weren't even in the "zone" for referral yet. So, yes, we were surprised.

When the call came, I was actually at the hair salon... draped in the cape, with the hairdresser ready to cut the first snip. When I saw it was our agency, I just said "S, can I take this?!" I was thinking, "oh god… don't let it be bad program news." I NEVER thought it was THE call. So I go outside and say "Hey 'D'!" I ask her how she is and she's like "Oh, I'm fine." Then she started making small talk with me! I thought for sure I was going to be sick because I was thinking, "She has bad news and is working up the nerve to tell me!" She asks me how I am doing so I tell her I'm about to get my hair cut and colored. She responds "Oh, well then just call me when you are done!" And I was like "Well is it a quick thing?" And that's when she says "No, it's not a quick thing... but I can wait. Well, I have your referral." I told her to a) shut up and b) if this was a joke I would hate her. She laughed. I think. I then started shaking so hard I had to sit down on the sidewalk. :) So she says "But why don't you get your hair cut and call me when you are done?" And all I could think of was "There is NO WAY IN HE!! I AM GETTING THIS HAIRCUT!!!" So instead I said "Why don't I go home and call you back?!" I went back into the salon, asked my hairdresser if she would hate me forever if I bailed (the answer was no), so I bailed. While still shaking. Then I sped, literally sped, home. On the way, I call Doug (who was in Dallas on business this week), and when I got his voicemail I said "We haven't died or anything, but you need to call me. It's urgent." Since he was in a conference room, he texted me back. Funny how all it took was saying "Our social worker called." to get him out of the room. {wink} While it felt like hours, I was able to get home, connect with Doug quickly, and then get "D" back on the phone… all in half an hour. But holy cow… longest half an hour of my life. Especially since all I knew was it was a BOY, and that he was "so adorable."

We were totally expecting the call for Spencer… so this, this was literally a blindside, out of the blue, knock the breath out of you experience. I'm still not really sure this isn't a dream.

We're not allowed to share photos publicly until we travel, but I thought I would share a few tidbits...

  • He'll be 10 months in a few days.
  • At 8 months, he weighed 23 pounds and measured 28 inches. (Wow.)
  • He likes music, and will clap his hands and shake his bum when he hears it.
  • He's not a picky eater, but when he doesn't like something, he blows it out "Like the wind."
  • He has chubby, chubby cheeks and eyes reminiscent of Spencer's eyes.
  • He willingly wears hoodies and cute animal hats. :)
  • When told no, he will do cute things and hug the foster mom to try to get her to change her mind.
  • He runs the other way when it's time to get dressed. (I'm assuming that "run the other way" is just a descriptor since he is still crawling as of this report.)
  • And... we're just going to assume that the report on sleep is wrong, ok?!

On Friday, we told Spencer:

[vimeo width="640" height="480"][/vimeo]

{Password : Spencer}

We actually thought he'd be a little more extreme than that... either over the top excited or completely indifferent. So his "middle of the road" response was a little surprising, but made for good video. ;) You will hear Spencer's most pressing question of "What toys does he like?!" Followed by his statement of "He likes chewing on stuff" Very astute our child. (And why yes, our new son *does* like chewing on stuff... everything, in fact.)

And... before you can ask... we have not yet chosen his first name, although he will keep his Korean name as his middle name. And we have no idea when we will travel. Hopefully later this year. All we can do is be optimistic and hope for the best on that. Or try to at least!