{An outtake from our Seollal shoot last month.}


Can you hear that huge sigh of relief over here?! What. A. Week. Words cannot even express how happy I am that it is Friday. TGIF to the tenth power.

Let's start with the best news:

Earlier this week, it was reported that by a unanimous decision, the Korean judges overturned their new rulings on travel requirements. Last night, this was confirmed by our agency. For now, they are reverting back to the former process... which is a huge relief to us. There are some other issues that still need to be clarified, but we seem to be moving in the right direction. I'll take that as a good sign, and try not to stress over the other, less certain, components of the new process. Speaking of process... SWS has still been giving out referrals... so we slowly move up the line. Wouldn't it be fabulous if the new process all shook out and we got our referral the next day!? Yeah, not gonna happen probably... but we're in a much better place than we were last week and the week before.

Other good news:

I've been working on two rather large projects this week, and both of them released today to rave reviews from the clients. It's always nice to hear. Especially after weeks like this where it's all I can do to keep all the balls in the air.

Other news:

Apparently, when working ten hour days and parenting, I also find more energy to craft and read. I am not really sure how that works. But it's resulted in two big projects getting wrapped up. More on that next week.

So now it's on to the weekend... I cannot wait! I'm looking forward to catching up on life and having a little downtime. Between the crazy weather and the time change... we could all use a little R&R.  (And I could use some bloggy catch-up time as well as some photo editing time.) Let's see if it happens with everything else on the agenda.

Happy weekend everyone!