School Photos

Nope, not those school photos.... dojang school photos! Some of you know how I've lamented the fact that Spencer won't get an official "school" photo until next year. (One of the very few downsides of his current preschool program) And while yes, it's only preschool, and while yes, I take plenty of photos of him... there's just something about those school photos. It's a rite of passage in many ways, and a method to really and truly mark the passage of time in a consistent way. I have such fond (and not so fond, depending on my state of awkwardness) memories of school picture day, and the resulting photos... that I have literally been chomping at the bit for it to be Spencer's turn. So when the dojang announced that they were having a photo company come in to take photos, you better believe I was the first one to sign up. On picture day, there were all sorts of snafus. The photographers got lost. Spencer managed to give himself both a bloody nose, AND a split lip while waiting. Spencer decided that he would absolutely NOT smile, because he needed to look "fierce." Mama had to choose photos on the spot. (Don't they know that I'm not capable of that?!) But in the end... it all worked out. Don't you think!? {Dojang logo covered for privacy}

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