Project 365 : February (ish)

It's funny how a glass of wine, a F@ceTime chat with a friend, and a good night's sleep can help you find your center again. I woke up way more optimistic about this whole "state of the state" that we find ourselves in, and a lot more patient. (Don't get me wrong... I'm still angry and upset... but the light is there.) So let's return to business as usual here, shall we?! I think I do this every year. I start by posting "weeks" of Project 365, then by February I decide I want to do months. So I have three days of January (the first half of week 5) and all of February here. And my word, do I love this layout system! So easy to keep up with. And so clean.

Maybe next month, I'll take less photos of my kiddo? Geez, there have been a lot so far this year! I'm blaming the fact that we've spent way too much time together in this house due to illness and weather. That said, I find it really interesting to photograph him right now. Depending on the angle, he either looks like a tiny toddler or a teenager. Craziness.