Friendly Reminders

Last night, a reputable blog on the Korean adoption process released some rather disheartening updates on what the "new law" will mean moving forward. Reading that post was... hard. Very hard. As Jennifer Lawrence  said in her Post-Oscar interview [when asked about her tumble on the steps], "What went through my mind?! A bad word that I cannot say. That starts with 'F'..." That pretty much sums up how Doug and I felt last night. This morning, I blogged about it. It was an angry post. It was bitter. I was still feeling a little lost at sea, and a little heartbroken. Luckily, I had the clarity/foresight not to hit "publish" and I let the post simmer.

In the meantime... I ranted to my Mom, I spoke with our stateside agency, Doug and I discussed it over lunch, and I chatted online with some other adoptive Mamas. (And clearly, did no work.) By early afternoon, it was beginning to feel as though it would be ok. While it is not currently ok, there is hope. {I'm being intentionally vague here due to necessity... sorry guys!} If it moves forward as was outlined in the post last night, I'm not sure where that leaves us. The emotional and financial ramifications would be huge. Would we be able to overcome them?? I don't know. (And the silver lining in all of this is that we do not yet have our referral. I feel for those who do!) But at least there seems to be some sense of urgency to get the answers everyone needs. And then we can make informed decisions and plans. Not just emotionally react to being blindsided by a blog post. And... best case scenario, we might finalize in country (which I've secretly hoped for.) I was finally at peace with the "wait and see."

And then the universe sent me a friendly reminder. The mail lady came by and in the mail was a letter from the National Visa Center confirming the receipt of our I-600a approval. Oh, the irony. Or ... more likely... a little reminder from the universe saying, "Hey, I got this." {Or, it was saying "Chill Out!" I'm not sure which.} I choose to view that as a good sign.