Sunday Snapshot : Bowling

{Bowling, Spencer Style.}

*   *   *   *   *

And that one shot would be enough for a Sunday laugh... no?! But my sister would probably kill me if I didn't share at least a few more photos. So here we go...

Yesterday, we went bowling. We've been bowling once before, but this was the first time with "the big balls." For the most part, Spencer was busy harassing everyone about when his turn was. (Patience is not his strong suit.) But when he wasn't pestering everyone, he was very into watching how many pins the rest of us got down. When it was his turn, it was amazing how well he could manage the six pound bowling ball. It was also interesting and a little hysterical to see him run up to the line, stop, then release the ball. At the slowest. possible. speed. Regardless of his technique, his form was pretty impressive. You know, when he wasn't bowling "Spencer Style." I'll let the photos do the talking here...

{Guess which one is mine?!}

{A spare!}

{Bowling can be SO. STRESSFUL.}

I think I will need to file this away for those long bouts of rain we get in the spring. This may just be the perfect escape for when we are getting stir crazy! Thanks for taking us Aunt Neen!

Want the details!? I shot these all with my D600 and 50mm lens. My ISO was 2000 (LOVE the ISO capabilities on the D600!) and my aperture set to 2.0. Most of the time I was able to get 1/200 or 1/250 shutter speed. Most of these are SOOC, just a few were tweaked to match the WB. I'm seriously in love with this series. In part because hello, look at them! You can barely tell we were inside a dim bowling alley!

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