Sunday Snapshot : Snow

Sunday Snapshot. Time to hook up again. Even if it's really Monday morning. And there's no school. And my babysitter is only here for 5 more minutes. So really, the last thing I should be doing is blogging. But. It was a long and busy weekend filled with a blizzard named Nemo and New Year's festivities. And I'm drained and exhausted and feeling just a wee bit behind the eight ball here. But. I promised myself to be a little more creative this year. So. I'm taking five minutes to do something for me. Something creative. Before I try to respond to work emails while engaging and entertaining a four-year old. A more thorough blog post is yet to come on all things Nemo and New Years... but for now, just one image. An image that reminds me that even with all the misery of being snowed in with no heat, water, or electricity (and we were very lucky considering how many are still without!)... there was a bit of magic to this storm as well.

{Walking in a Winter Wonderland}

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Ni Hao Yall