{I'm trying to be better about recording the little things in our lives... especially ones that are really big things in his world now. And this is definitely one of those...}

{A very blurry photo of a typical morning.}

It seems like our boy has come down with a serious case of train fever. Thinking back, he's always appreciated trains. In fact, we even had a "choo choo" themed party for his second birthday. So, trains are not really a new thing here.

But this... this is a whole new level of obsession. As I type this, I'm overlooking the family room floor that currently holds three different train layouts. I actually found myself hopping over them to get from one side of the room to another, because I know I don't want him discovering a track out of order. I feel like most of his peers have moved past the train stage... and we are just now really getting into it. Funny how that works. He likes to discuss on a daily basis the differences between steam engines and diesels. He compares and contrasts the commuter trains and the acela. He researches the different options Lionel has to offer. He's memorized the whole entire Polar Express movie... he will recite it at random... and you can often find him singing the songs from it too. He. Loves. Trains. Trains from TV and movies. Real trains. Model Trains. Toy Trains. Any train is good in his book!

I can't really pinpoint when the obsession kicked into high gear here. Before the holidays, there were multiple viewings a day of the Polar Express.

Many, many viewings of the Polar Express.

 There was the holiday train around our tree.

There was our trip to NYC via the train.


There were multiple model train displays in NYC.

Many subway rides in NYC.

We saw several model railroads in PA over the holidays.

He received several trains for the holidays.

He's been obsessed with watching Y0uTube videos of the Lionel Polar Express trains.

He's already asking for the Polar Express model train for his birthday.

We set up trains on a daily basis.

Some of our layouts even become roller coasters for the trains.

Someone sleeps with trains.

He discovered a magazine my mom sent him two years ago, it's about trains of course! He reads it from cover to cover. Daily.

He's finally discovered the joy of drawing. Trains, of course. (Regardless, my creative soul is jumping for joy!)


This boy is obsessed with trains!