Steel Stacks

Last month, while we were down at my parent's new house, my dad took us to see the Bethlehem SteelStacks. It's a large campus that houses all sorts of art and entertainment events and facilities. While there were lots of new unique, industrial buildings there... the most intriguing parts of the campus for me were all the old buildings. And, of course, the blast furnaces that used to make up the old Bethlehem Steel Co! There was no event going on while we were there—and it was freezing cold!—but it was still fun to walk around for a little bit. This is only a little peek at what I saw... I hope to get back on a warmer day. Maybe even with a ladder, or a tour guide, to get some of the shots I missed! (Many of the older buildings are surrounded with chain link fence. That's very frustrating to this photo gal!)

{Dad... this one's for you!}