Flashback Friday : Project 366

{I warned you there may be some "Flashback Friday" posts in your future!} In true Christine fashion... I dropped the ball on posting my Project 366 photos. In fact, if I were being completely honest, I may have even dropped the ball on compiling my Project 366 photos into weekly layouts. But, let's all pretend that didn't happen... OK?! (It's hard not to laugh at myself though since I could not have picked an easier system to maintain... yet I still fell down on the job! That said, I'm really excited for the way I plan to lay out this year's Project 365...)

Instead, let's all pretend that it's more fun to see 8 months all at once! Without further ado... here's a glimpse into our lives last year:

Holy catch-up... right?? Whew! That feels like a big weight off my shoulders!

If your eyes haven't completely glazed over, and you want to see the rest of the year, click here, here, and here.