Starting off with a bang...

{Alternative post title : "The Week That Wasn't"} So here's a quick run-down on the year so far:

- Last Monday, we heard of a couple of referrals for SWS. Holla! That means there is movement again... Finally! After months and months of nothing, it was really good to hear this news. We have absolutely no idea what our timeline is like right now, but we do know that there is progress... and that's enough.

- Last Tuesday, Doug came down with what we thought was the flu. Last Wednesday, it became apparent that it was more serious than that and he ended up in the hospital with cellulitis. Until Saturday night. In case you were wondering, that's a really long time to fly solo.

- Last Monday, I had a crazy work situation come up. A job literally came back from the dead, with insane deadlines to boot. Just what you want when your spouse is in the hospital and you are flying solo. (It's times like these that I question being a freelancer.)

- Last Thursday, Spencer came down with the stomach bug. It's the first time he's had anything that severe... and it. was. horrible. (I can't even talk about it... it was THAT bad.)

Sunday, we were all home, and I thought all would return to normal...

- This Monday, I came down with the stomach bug.


It's now Thursday... a week and two days after everything started going downhill. I've got pretty much everything (fingers, toes, arms, legs...) crossed that we are past all the illness... Please, please tell me this isn't a preview of what the year holds, but instead we are just getting it all out of the way early! One more day until a long weekend where we can hopefully get our heads above water, and play catch-up.

What a way to start a year, huh? Blegh! 2013, I am less than impressed.