On the Eve of a New Year...

{Sunrise, 12-31-12}

Well, here we are at the end of another year. I'm somewhat stunned that we're looking at 2013 already. Where has the time gone?! The past few days, I find myself reflecting on the past year, and thinking about the year to come.   A couple of weeks ago I looked back at my list of goals for 2012, and very quickly went into "oh my gosh, I failed!" mode. Then I took a deep breath and realized that I didn't fail, I just had my list for 2013 all ready to go. {Wink.}

Let's recap. Here are my goals from this year, with my thoughts. :

1. Learn Korean. While I may not have learned much Korean, I did learn some... and I laid the groundwork for it to be more intertwined in our everyday lives.I'm counting this one as a fail, but it's going on the list for 2013. 2. Run a half marathon. I became a runner. Not only did I run a half marathon, I ran several races in addition. So I'm counting this one as a WIN! (WIN WIN WIN!) 3: Become a better blogger. I did not become a better blogger. At all. But, I do have some news on this front that I will share in the new year. We'll call this a draw since there has been some behind the scenes stuff that I have yet to share! 4. Improve my photography. Some days I think "I'm so rocking this!" and other days I think "Thank God no one pays me for this!" That said, I have had a few paying commercial jobs... so yes?! I guess? I don't know... You tell me. 5. Keep on cooking! OK, so I kept cooking. But I failed  miserably on trying new things or working my way through a cookbook. I'm counting this as a fail.

So, there you have it. A major, major win. Two toss-ups. And two fails. Not my best showing. But...

When I made my list, I had no idea that this year was also going to be the year where I closed a business, and went back to what I did pre-kid... freelance graphic design. It started in the spring as a way to make a little extra cash. By summer, it was apparent that it was more than that. So I shut down leapfrog lane and officially went back to graphic design and branding. I've been lucky enough to have steady work. But steady work with only part-time daycare and a traveling husband = a whole lot on my plate. So, I'm giving myself a pass on the goals above. I'm still better off than I was this time last year, and really... isn't that the point in setting goals?!

I'm thinking about my goals for 2013, but I'm being realistic. I'm going to continue to have freelance work, and (hopefully!) a new little one to keep me busy. So I'm still pondering, even if I do have some really big dreams I would like to see happen sooner, rather than later.

What's on your list for 2013?!