Snow Day

Yesterday, we left my parent's house a little earlier than planned due to reports of a big snowfall coming. Not only there, but here... and everywhere in between. We basically got up, got dressed and rolled. It paid off because we outran the snow. We questioned our decision a couple of times... until we saw this as we brought in the last bag from the car:

{This was not even 3 PM... but look at how dark it is!}

This morning, we awoke to a winter wonderland...

{Gotta love a plowed driveway at 6am!}

 Spencer has been waiting for a good snowfall for months now. So we found ourselves bundled up and outside somewhere in the 7 o'clock hour. First things first though... chores. Clearly, someone doesn't know that shoveling is *not* supposed to be fun:

After shoveling, I introduced Spencer to the joys of getting hit with a snowball:


{Shoveling during a snowball fight can result in you landing on your bum...}

After playing, we went inside to have breakfast and start our day. I ran errands, but came back and grabbed my camera when I saw this down the street:

And this...

After errands, it was time to play outside again... this time with Daddy in tow. First, Spencer tried to wear my hat out. It didn't really work very well...

 {Although he looked pretty cute... no?!}

Once we got the hat situation taken care of... it was time to climb:

And shovel, snow-plow style:


{I call this one "Cause it's fun, fun, fun til your Daddy takes the shovel away"}

So then we watched Daddy for a little bit:

And then... it was time to truck all this snow off-site! Or at least up the driveway...

Each trip down the driveway required a stop to heckle Daddy...

And then... the perfect snow day ended with...

... the perfect photo. Love. This. Guy!!!