Say what?!

{Spencer's decorating sense ... circa 2011}

I'm sitting in a local coffee shop right now. Trying to jam in as much work as possible before school is over for the week. I'm trying to catch up on emails, blogs, and life. Easy peasy right?!

And then.

I look up and there is a massive 18-wheeler pulling into the parking lot to deliver trees. Christmas trees.

I'm sorry... but SAY WHAT?!

How is it possible that the holidays are upon us again!? Egad. Time is just flying and I can't. catch. up. I sit here heart racing, yet frozen to my spot, unable to even click open the calendar on my computer.   I seriously don't even know what to worry about first. The holiday cards? The tree? Coming up with a gift list? Figuring out what cookies I want to bake? Or should I focus on the magical memories I want to make for my son?

Oh my word... I'm not ready!!!

Is anyone else feeling completely overwhelmed and behind... or is it just me!?