The Day After

Oh friends... I feel so disconnected from this little part of my world. I hope to be back here for some substantial (and catch-up) posts soon. But for now, just a brief little overview of what's happening. *

Work for me has been insane. Late hours that carry over into the wee hours pretty much sum up my last ten days. Add in a power outage followed by an internet outage and I'm counting my blessings that I have very understanding clients.


Hurricane Sandy, or Frankenstorm, was very kind to us. We were prepared for much worse... and miraculously, it pretty much avoided us. We lost power, water, and a handful of trees... but considering how hard our friends in NY and NJ got hit, we are counting our blessings. That said... I did have the rare opportunity to hear the words "You were right" from Doug. Looks like we'll be the owners of a generator soon. Never thought I'd be *this* excited for *that* purchase.


And... most importantly... is the fact that Halloween has come and gone. And this is the part I want to remember.

Spencer chose to be a skunk. I was shocked by this for two reasons. First, he's been saying that he wanted to be a skunk since last Halloween. And the fact that he stayed with that choice for a whole year blows my mind... Second, I'm amazed that he chose a cute, little animal costume for the fourth year in a row. (Amazed, but oh so happy) All of his friends were choosing super heroes and ninjas and he stood strong with his choice of a "tooty skunk." There were a few weeks at the beginning of the month where he was mixing it up with some other possibilities but in the end, he went with his original choice!

There were Halloween festivities and parties aplenty, but Spencer was most excited for the Halloween Party at Taekwondo. The party was at five on Friday and he asked all. day. long. if it was five yet. He even went so far as to changing all the clocks he could get his hands on to point to the fives! Spencer had such a good time at the party, and somehow managed to win first prize in the costume contest. The prize was nunchucks... Which makes me feel that this was a rigged competition, even though there was a panel of judges. (Spencer has been fascinated with nunchucks lately and this Mama has had her heels dug into the ground... resisting. Spencer has gone so far as to fashion his own nunchucks from heavy metal objects that he found in his toy bin. This resulted in a cut on his face and a black eye... And Mama being even more against them. Yet here we are... my four year old is now the proud owner of his own set.) Anyway... He was so excited! It was utterly adorable. I took oodles of photos that night, but this one is my favorite:

{Don't Mess with This Guy!}

Halloween Night was also fun. As always, it started with the neighborhood pizza party and then we all break off in groups to go trick-or-treating. Spencer loves hanging out with his besties at the party, and usually goes trick-or-treating with them as well. I love this series of them. Can you tell which of the three has a Mamarazzi?! ;-)

And lastly... two funny tidbits from the night.

1. Spencer was lolly-gagging at some of the houses as he trick-or-treated. Because of that, he ended up at the back of the group at times, or not quite to the door. And this resulted in the owners starting to close the door on him. Every time, Spencer piped up with "Don't forget the tooty skunk!" Followed by "trick or treat" and "thank you!" (He remembered those last two at every house I was told. I'm very proud of him!) He chose to only trick-or-treat half the hood though so that he could come home and hand out candy as well. Which brings me to...

2. He made every person who came to our door say "trick or treat!" before he would give them his candy. He would stand there, treats clutched to his chest, demanding the phrase prior to relinquishing the goods. That alone was funny. But it got even funnier when he thanked them in Korean. So as he doled out the goods, he was saying "감사합니다" to everyone. Complete with Korean head nod/bow move. Silly guy. Or should I say "Stinky Guy"???


Adorable, right?!

I hope all is well with all of you! Happy Day After!


PS - That's my new front door color!