Telling Spencer

Over the weekend, we told Spencer that he was getting a brother or sister. I would love to tell you that it was a well-planned, thought out event. But, it wasn't. It actually occurred as we were standing in the kitchen. Doug and I were trying to have a two-minute conversation about something regarding the house, or travel, or something... Anyway, Spencer was running in between us, doing his best to be as annoying as possible. (No really, he was. That was his sole intent in that moment.) So, in a moment of frustration  opportunity Doug said, "Spencer, if you have a brother or sister one day, will you bother them instead of us?!" That statement not only stopped Spencer in his tracks... but caused him to question "Can Miss Katie [my friend] be my brother?!" This then led to some very repetitive and boring conversation regarding the differences between brothers and sisters and general family terminology. As in "No, you will not be the Mama to the next child." and "You can't be a big sister because you are a boy. Boys are brothers." He seemed somewhat excited, a little concerned about where this sibling would sleep (me too buddy, me too), and a little apprehensive about when this would all happen.

In true Spencer fashion, he went off and did his thing... not really dwelling on it. But since then he's asked a question here or there, letting me know he's still thinking about it.

"When's my brother and sister getting here?!" (OR, not AND... OR, Spencer! No matter how many times I clarify though... he always uses AND.)

"Will they look like me or you?!"

"Who will be better at Taekwondo?"

"Can I hold their hand in the car?!"

Sweet and funny... It should be interesting to see what the next few months bring in terms of questions, thoughts and concerns.