Sunday Snapshot : By the skin of my teeth

When, oh when am I ever going to be on top of it all!?

What's that you say?!


All right then, at least I know.


I have been horrifically bad with sending updates back to Korea. So bad, I'm not going to even go into details. There's a reason, and of course a list of excuses a mile long, but in the end... there is absolutely no excuse at all.

Last week, I caught up. I finally took all those letters that were drafted on my computer, and edited them. In some cases, I rewrote them. I prettied them up and printed them out. I pulled photos and matched them to the appropriate updates. Then I decided, we're close to Chuseok, let's add in a little card to boot. Yes, I'm totally hoping the card acts as a balm to excuse my lack of correspondence. I know they will see right past that, but it feels like it's at least the beginning of an apology. And it's one of the biggest (THE biggest?) holidays for S. Korea... so card it was. And y'all know what that means... right?!

Photo Shoot Time!

Unfortunately, only one of us was initially on board with the photo shoot.

But when I told him where it was going, he quickly pulled it together and cheered up. Or at least, he stopped crying.   

But he made me promise that we would also send one to his dojang. Of course, I said "Of course!"

That's when I lost creative direction, and Spencer started doing a whole bunch of taekwondo moves.

And a little bit of hip hop.

And apparently, some screaming was mixed in.

Once he got the sillies out, he gave me a couple of genuine fake smiles.

That's where I could of, and probably should have, called it quits. But I wanted to try for one shot with the hat on. We made a deal. Hat on and three clicks.

And then I got my money shot.

(My shot at the top was the same image, just cropped a little differently.)

Perseverance pays.


From my photo peeps...

Images shot on my D7000 with my 85mm lens. Aperture set at 3.5, and shutter speed between 250 and 320. I played a lot when editing these. Some more than others. The entry shot (top photo) I color corrected for skin tone, then added in some fill light and vibrance. I saturated the background as well as removing the clarity from that area. I then used the "Citrine" preset from Clickin' Moms which tweaked my curves and split tone. I wish I didn't have the hand chop in the SOOC image... but I'll gladly trade a couple fingers for the true-to-Spencer expression I captured.

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