Monday Musings

Over the weekend, it occurred to me that Taekwondo has pretty much infiltrated our lives. I used to look at these "soccer families," or "baseball families," and even the "hockey families" and wonder how the heck they did it. I absolutely couldn't comprehend all the time they devoted to ferrying their kids around, practicing at home, and just generally following the sport. Well folks, the joke's on me... cause guess what?! That's exactly where we are. Spencer has class two times a week, and in addition, spends another hour or so a day practicing. It's both self-imposed practicing as well as "playing Taekwondo with Mama." And that's not all... he also manages to finagle another weekly "visit" to the dojang. Oh yes, he asks/begs/pleads to stop by and visit them. Often. It's become his Saturday morning ritual even. (Apparently, he is the only student they have ever had that has done so. Why does this not surprise me?!) If you are keeping track, that's three trips a week to the dojang, and another several hours refining his skills here. Add in the occasional competition to watch or belt test to perform and you have a whole lotta hours devoted to a sport. And he's not even five yet. Egad.

Taekwondo has infiltrated our lives to the point where I also find myself researching Taekwondo items in my free time—rebreakable boards anyone?!—and looking up various terms while cooking dinner.  I have a running list of Taekwondo-related questions Spencer has come up with for the masters & instructors. He has several "favorites" on y0u*tube of TKD videos. My f@cebook feed and photo roll have become overrun with Taekwondo Tidbits. I created a whole photo book for him of the photos I had taken. And I'm still trying to formulate another post or two here on how it is all going.

Whew! I mean, that's insane... right?! Or is it?! I honestly don't know anymore. He's happiest when doing Taekwondo ... not necessarily at class mind you, but that's a story for another day ... and can easily keep himself entertained for hours with all things Taekwondo. And it's becoming a source of joy for all of us. And a connection to Korea that runs much deeper than a simple sport.

So I guess I now understand how all these "sport families" do it.

Funny how that all works.

And, to end on a note of silliness. Below is a video Doug took earlier today. As he described it on v!meo... "Spencer discovered some online videos of his Taekwondo instructor in action. He decided that he could do the routine just as well." This is actually part of the demo team routine, to be used for the team members to practice. Now we all know how much Spencer covets a spot on the demo team... right?! Well here he is, proving green belt or no... he's ready. {wink}


[vimeo width="640" height="480"][/vimeo]