Sunday Snapshot : Bowling

{Many of the blogs I read—and lurk on—participate in the Sunday Snapshot. When I saw what the prize was for this month, I knew I had to play along!}

On Saturday, we took Spencer [duckpin] bowling for the first time. He's been begging to go for months now, but the timing hasn't worked. Not to mention there has been a wee bit of hesitancy to take him to an activity that involved heavy balls. There was significant concern that "bowling" would become "shot put" with our tiny tornado involved. Last month, we offered up the reward of bowling if Spencer could attend two taekwondo classes without crying or whining. Sadly, it took him a whole month to do so... but he did it! And he was very excited to finally collect his reward yesterday.

He enjoyed every moment of it, and managed to win by a large margin in the first game and lose by a small margin in the second. Of course. (And no, we did not throw the games.)

I definitely see this being added to our list of things to do as the weather grows colder.

For my Fellow Photo Peeps:

I learned several important things during this from a photography standpoint:

  1. Sometimes Auto WB is the best setting. I mean, what is the Kelvin setting for fluorescent + neon + TV screen lighting?! (And yes, I could have used my expo disc, but the lighting was also minimal)
  2. On that note, sometimes you just have to suck it up and shoot at a high ISO.
  3. Because when you shoot a high ISO, you lose detail. And most of you know that I like to see EVERY. SINGLE. EYELASH. in my photos... so I made an intentional decision to not shoot faces. Have you noticed that you don't see Spencer's face in any of the above photos?!

And here's the details on the photos themselves... I shot this on my D7000 with my 35mm lens. For the most part, I shot ISO 3200, with an aperture of 2.5 and a shutter speed of 1/125. In Lightroom, I set my WB to "as shot" which results in a WB of 4100. I upped the exposure by .5 and brought the blacks down to o. I then added a preset from the Clickin' Moms "Paparazzi" set... the above use "Early Edition, "Human Interest," or "Lifestyle" (my top photo uses "Lifestyle") I finished it by adding a slight vignette to the images.

And just one more... Do you think he enjoyed himself?!

{It's the only "face shot" I took!}

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