FOUR! (And a month.)

So, I'm not sure how this happened... but I never actually posted on Spencer's birthday. A month ago. I know I had a post written. But it looks like it never actually posted. You know what we call that?! A COMPLETE. MAMA. FAIL.

I hemmed and hawed and thought about backdating this... and then just decided to suck it up and post it today. On the last day of his 48th month. 48 MONTHS?! Holy cow!! But, as a way to make amends (cause you all know this is his "baby" book, and I hope he looks back on it one day...) I've made it a special tribute. And realized in the process I have a lot of "flashback posts" to work on.

Happy Birthday to the coolest, smartest, funniest, fastest, silliest, awesomest "curious little monkey" I know. Simply put, you are amazing. It's a joy, an honor, an adventure to parent you. Every. Single. Day.

I love you buddy. I hope you enjoy the video reflecting your last year.

And I hope all of YOU enjoy it too! [vimeo width="640" height="480"][/vimeo]