Counting Down...

{Has it really been months since I last posted about running?! How is that even possible?}

Next Sunday, I run my first (and most likely, only) half marathon. Gulp. I'm not really sure I am ready. I was doing really well on my training... and then summer hit. I really should have thought through how hard it was going to be to train with Spencer out of school, no jogging stroller, a traveling husband, and the heat and humidity.

Add in that last month was supposedly one of the hottest, if not the hottest, July in history. Do you know what that means?! I ran a grand total of seven times. Huh. That's not what I would call good training. (And only two of those count as "long" runs) In general, this has been a really difficult race to train for. I've battled injuries—one of which I am currently nursing, illness, anemia, and severe heat. I've also been busier than ever with both Spencer and work. So honestly, I'm not sure how next weekend is going to go. I'm really, really hoping that everyone who told me that if I could do back-to-back days of ten miles and three miles is correct in saying I can complete the half.

Ready or not though, here it comes. Quicker than I ever thought it could! (I mean, it seemed soooo far away when I signed up 8 months ago!) When I signed up, my goal was really to get healthy, and this seemed like a good way to do it. So while I'm not only counting down the minutes (yes, minutes) until I hit the starting line... I'm also reflecting on what else I've been counting this year:

Miles of Pounded Pavement: 238 (198 according to run*keeper... but I had several non-logged runs in there) Calories Burnt: 25,000+ Weight Lost: 21 pounds (This translates into buying clothes two sizes smaller than what I was buying last year!) Minutes straight that I can run, before having to slow to a walk: 75 Longest "run": 10 miles (I won't lie...that includes power walking too)

So, really, even if next weekend I struggle... I still think I won.  But if any of you are so inclined to send me positive thoughts and speedy vibes next Sunday morning around 7am EST, they would be greatly appreciated.

PS : If any of my seasoned running friends want to enlighten me on what I should be putting in this infamous "gear check" bag, I'd appreciate it! I'm thinking deodorant and a clean shirt are a must... but beyond that?!?