The Summer of Everything

I currently feel like I'm running a marathon of really big, awesome, fun events. And I've reached the point of complete exhaustion. For those of you who don't know, both our sisters are getting married this year (bridal showers and bachelorettes and weddings, oh my!) Super fun, super exciting stuff. But, we also have a certain FOUR year old's birthday, a huge anniversary party with our agency, two super important baby showers, business travel, taekwondo, and a half marathon. And of course there is the day-to-day of life, work, and chores.

Like I said, all good stuff... but super, super tiring. Where are the "lazy days of summer?!" We could probably drop the taekwondo and the half... but I need the running to stay sane, and Spencer needs the taekwondo for, umm, an outlet for his energy.

I'm lucky to have really understanding friends and family. I'm behind on phone calls and emails. I'm behind on posting and reading. And no one has ditched me yet, I don't think. I just cancelled all of our plans for the weekend (save one, since I think Doug would cry if he missed W!lco) and I'm planning to recharge, regroup, and refresh.

Until then...