Remember how I said that Spencer hated swimming?! Well, I take it all back. In the past week and a half, it has become apparent that it wasn't swimming he hated, but the lessons. At lessons, I couldn't get him IN the pool... now?! Now, I can't get him OUT! Just like everything, it has to be on his terms I guess. It started with the pool at my parent's complex. He *lived* for kids swim while we were visiting. It continued with a visit to the neighbor's pool. And now I'm wondering how I could get standing invites to the pools that belong to some other friends in the 'hood. (Hey, at least I'm honest.) Don't believe me!? Here's the proof:

{Diving right in!}

{I'm a fish! I'm a fish!}

{Floaties Rock.}

{It's very important to hold your breath while swimming...}




See?! Total 180. Love this kid!

*     *     *     *     *

Note: I took these photos with my iPhone using a Lifeproof case. I'm not one for endorsing random products on here... but I love this case! I love the day-to-day protection it provides for my phone... and being completely waterproof makes it the perfect summer accessory. ;-) Next up?! The beach! I have no affiliation with Lifeproof. Just found an awesome gadget and wanted to share.