A Day in the Life...

A lot of you do "A Day in the Life" posts. I thought that summer break would be a good time to capture what life is like here... 5:30 am - I wake up to the alarm, attempting an early start to the day in order to carve out some time to myself.

5:48 am - I'm dressed and downstairs... making some coffee.

5:52 am - Spencer joins me. So much for the "time to myself" aspect. Sigh...

A curious George episode buys me 20 minutes. I throw together our breakfast.

6:18 - Breakfast.

6:19 - Spencer has had two bites, and declared himself done. I continue eating.

6:20 - Spencer plays in the kitchen sink (an activity I use often in order to get things done)

6:25 - I have finished breakfast (but not coffee, surprisingly). Spencer has accidentally overflowed the kitchen sink and managed to soap up all 8 lower cabinets.

6:26 - I clean up the mess, while Spencer moves on. He rearranges the living room furniture, relocates his drums, and then proceeds to play the drums.

6:40 - I finish cleaning the kitchen to discover that in re-arranging the furniture, Spencer has knocked a basket of clean, folded laundry onto the floor. Then proceeded to put a dirty box from the recycling on top of it.

6:50 - I finish salvaging the clean laundry and run the dirty laundry to the washer. Meanwhile, Spencer decides to make himself lunch. (What... you don't have lunch before 7am?!) And makes himself a salami and cheese sandwich. That he then decides to "warm up." In the toaster.

You know what?! This is a very depressing activity. And I now have a toaster to clean. Maybe I'll just share a few photos of when I do get a few minutes to myself...

It's rare for actual naps to happen around here. (Which is both a blessing and a curse) But sometimes they just sneak up on him...

... is it wrong that I find him a tad bit cuter when he's asleep?! {wink}