A Tale of Two Classes

Spencer has continued to take gymnastics. He's excelled in, and enjoyed, these classes. Last week, he had his "big show" to end the year. All the parents were invited to watch the whole class and see their routines. It was a lot of fun to see how far he's come in the past 9 months or so. (Front handspring, handstand, flipping on the bar, beam skills, and an assisted flip are his current "big skills"} Even more fun was seeing the pride and joy he had. In short, he loves Monday afternoons. (The following are from a couple of months ago)

{mid flip}

{parallel bars, spencer style}

{obstacle course}

{Waiting to do his tumble run}

{This might be my favorite gymnastics photo...}

In April, we added swimming lessons to our schedule rather unexpectedly. Our neighbors on the side and across the street both put in in-ground pools. (This is in addition to the several above ground pools we have surrounding us.) This made us a little nervous. While both families told us they were going to fence in the pools, a fence has not been an obstacle for Spencer for quite some time. (He has successfully scaled an 8 ft chain link fence...) We felt that Spencer needed to start to learn how to save himself if nothing else. So how does he like swimming?! In short, he hates it. It's a day of drama leading up to the lesson, a good five-minute cry fest getting him into the pool, and a constant bargaining between him and the teachers during the lesson. Let's just say we will not be sad when class is over. He has improved, so it was worth it... I guess. We will try again in the winter. Maybe.

The following photos are the few I have where he is not crying or holding his hands out to me to come get him. They are all from the first ten minutes of the first class... maybe that is why?! The goggles were an outright bribe to get him back there. Sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do. And they made for some cute photos, no?!

{And he starts to realize he doesn't like this very much...}