Crazy Busy

It has been a crazy couple of weeks here. Crazier-than-normal crazy. I thought about not documenting it, but then I realized I needed some sort of way to look back and say "we did it!" So here's what we've been up to, in a nutshell. (Hopefully I'll be able to catch up on some blog posts the next couple of weeks... wouldn't that be a nice way to kick off summer?!) • Doug just got through a crazy round of business travel. He was pretty much gone for eight weeks when all was said and done. That's a long time to fly solo. Now it's back to the normal NYC trips. They've been more frequent than normal, but it's a welcome change from him jetting between coasts and countries. (I believe in a three week timeframe he covered well over 10,000 miles. In-Sane.)

• A few months ago I thought about trying to find some freelance work. While I love what I do with my leapfrog business, let's be honest... it's not paying the big bills. I was very, very lucky and three freelance jobs fell into my lap that same week. I love getting to "dabble" in what I used to do, but it's a lot more time intensive. (obviously) I realize how much I miss using that part of my brain and I've been cultivating a couple of relationships that are Mama-friendly jobs. But, I'm thinking that I might take a little break from leapfrog while I focus on these freelance gigs, I'm not juggling them simultaneously at all.

• We took a vacation to the west coast. The vacation was centered around a surprise party for my aunt, which meant I was mum about it. Surprise! (I'm hoping to get through my photos this week...)

• Spencer has been taking swimming and gymnastics this spring. (More to come on that.) This is his last week of both, and neither of us can wait to take a break.

• School is also out as of this Wednesday. We're all looking forward to summer break, one of us more than the other two though! (That would be Spencer, in case there is any confusion.) We've been working on a summer "bucket list" and are really excited to officially usher in the "lazy" days of summer. Ha!

• We've had an ant invasion as well as a broken dishwasher. Two things that I really didn't need to deal with.

• I'm training for a half marathon. I never realized how time intensive that would be. Please remind me of that if I ever utter the words "I'm considering a marathon." I don't have the time for that!

• We completed our home study. While some of it was "second verse, same as the first," the fact that we were with a different home study agency and were Hague compliant this go around added some curve balls and surprises along the way. And it took up a lot of mental space. I'm very happy we're kicking back and waiting now.

• In addition to the above, I've been in a photography class the past four weeks. I had missed the prior two runs of this class, so while the timing was far from ideal, I jumped at the opportunity. Let's just say that I've been having a lot of late, late nights. Which doesn't really pair well with a kiddo who does not sleep. It's been rough.

See what I mean?! Crazy. Busy.