This is about to become an important date in our lives. Today, our Home Study goes over to Korea. (HSTK is how I will reference this in the future.) This means we're officially waiting. No longer waiting to wait. Just waiting. And that feels soooo good. We're also no longer running around acquiring documents and notarizing forms, and that I actually miss a little.

I feel like "Bud" is out there somewhere already, and it's just a matter of the stars aligning. I no longer have that sense of insecurity about if our family will grow... I no longer feel as though this is some surreal exercise... now, NOW, it feels pretty darn real.

Which leads me to my next thought of...


Equal parts excitement and apprehension of what the future holds pretty much sum up how I am feeling. It's starting to get interesting!

{As I mentioned in this post, we're still looking at a referral around this time next year... and hoping to be home as four next fall.}