{See, I said I was catching up! And, I noticed a disturbing trend that my Easter post always seems to be a month and a half late...} This year, we were planning to just skim over the whole Easter thing. Not because we don't think that it's an important holiday, just the opposite. Many of you know that we don't have a great church situation here, and I just don't feel confident handling the material myself. Which is ironic, since I actually taught pre-k and k sunday school classes for a while. While we're not as religious as some, we do want Spencer to understand that there is more to these holidays than a big dude in a red suit and a bunny on steroids.

So anyway, we had decided that if we weren't going to focus on the whole holiday, we wouldn't really celebrate just the commercial parts. But, the problem with that is that Spencer goes to school. And you know what they talk about at school?! Easter bunnies and easter candy and easter egg hunts and easter baskets and all the *fun* stuff. I don't need to tell you who came home telling me about all the fun things that was going to happen within mere weeks, do I?! Yup. So in nine days, I somehow pulled together all the events that were to happen according to Spencer's grand plans, while interspersing the reason for the season when I could. (Note to self : Must. Find. Good. Religious. Resource.) And then we went on our merry way, and I'm finally getting to blog about it.

This year, Spencer really zoned in on two things. First, the dying of eggs. He very clearly remembered doing this (multiple times) last year. He was SO excited that it was time to do this again...

{First we cooked the eggs. Oh yes, that's an egg cooker... best gadget I have ever bought!}

{And then it was time to get down to business.}

{Checking on the egg dye status is always the best part.}

{Especially when the magic starts to happen.}


{The first egg out.}

{The finished product!}

{Almost too pretty to eat... Almost.}

The other big, big item on Spencer's list was the egg hunt. This was the first year that the bunny stopped by to hide some eggs... and wow. I think the event almost met Spencer's lofty expectations!

We started with a basket (also on Spencer's list... but not as high)...

And then... it was egg hunt time! It was still pretty dark inside when we were hunting, and Spencer was a boy on a mission... which meant FAST. These are the best that I got... and that's not saying much. But he had a blast, and that's all that really matters... right?!

The real irony in all of this?! All the candy that Spencer had talked about finding in his eggs and basket (In excruciating detail, mind you) lost it's allure after five minutes. He asked about it two more times, and then that was that. Guess who ate most of the candy?! Yup. Next year it's going to be stuff *I* like!