More Questions

Today when I picked Spencer up at school, he was very excited. Upon seeing me he ran to his cubby, grabbed a piece of paper and exclaimed, "Look Mama! We did questions today!" Lo and behold, he was holding a sheet with questions that one of his teachers, Miss Nichole, had asked. Ever since my last post where he answered questions, he's been constantly asking to "do questions." Apparently, his excitement carried over to this assignment at school... and, according to his teachers, he was anxiously awaiting my arrival to show me.

So why not take a moment to share them here before I file it in his school folder? Without further ado... the questions. And answers.

My name is : Spencer

My favorite color is : Blue {Ironic, since up until today it was "purple!"}

My favorite food is : Noodles

With Mom and Dad I like to : Play hide n' seek

My favorite toy is : A dinosaur {When I questioned this answer, due to not having a dinosaur at home, his response was "I mean the one at T@rget that I like to play with that you won't let me buy!" Nothing like mixing in a little guilt with the answers... geez!}

My favorite movie is : Curious George

When I grow up I want to be a : Daddy!

•     •     •     •     •

And a few more... these are from me since he asked to do some more after school.

My favorite candy is : Twizzlers

My favorite season is : Rainy seasons

My favorite book is : Curious George (but only when Mama reads it) {He later amended this to add that he likes to read the "Subway" book with Daddy and "A Walk in New York" with Daddy too.  And Mama can read the rest.}

My favorite sport is : Hockey!

My favorite activity is : Playing my drums.