Twenty Questions

A while back, my friend Belle did an interview with her son Adam. I thought it was so fun that I "borrowed" the idea. (And most of the questions) I never thought to ask Spencer questions about *me* so it was a fun addition to our day. It's safe to say that I wasn't expecting any of these answers... although some ring a little truer than others! Both of us had a lot of fun... one of us so much so that he thinks it should become a regular theme on his blog. Hmmm... Without further ado... twenty questions with Spencer.

1. What is something Mama always says to you?


 2. What makes Mama happy?

Hugs and Kisses! And cuddles. And snuggles.... Cherry Ice Cream.

3. What makes Mama sad?

Me saying potty words. {This is very true.}

4. How does Mama make you laugh?

By singing silly songs and doing silly stuff.

5. What was Mama like as a child?

You were like Justin. And Deidre. She cries. And Samara. She was naughty today and had to sit on the baby side. Are you naughty Mama? {Uhhhh... ???}

6. How old is Mama?

27! Right?!

7. How tall is Mama?

{hands held way up high while standing on tip toes}

 8. What is Mama’s favorite thing to do?

Play. And color!

9. What does Mama do when you’re not around?

Look for me.

 10. If Mama becomes famous, what will it be for?

{He doesn't know... but not taking photographs or art.}

 11. What is Mama really good at?


 12. What is Mama not very good at?

Opening doors when they are locked. {Truth. Kind of funny that he's picked up on that though.}

13. What does Mama do for her job?

Type on the computer.

 14. What is Mama’s favorite food?

Kimchi mixed with Bop.

 15. What's Mama's favorite drink?

Juice. And chocolate milk!

16. What makes you proud of Mama?

When she cleans up her toys.

17. If Mama were a cartoon character, who would she be?

Daddy. {There's so much I find odd and funny about this answer.}

18. What do you and Mama do together?

Go to Ashley's house. And Samantha's house. {Uhm, no.}

Puzzles {Yes.}

Go to the museum! {Yes, but not as often as he wishes!}

19. How do you know Mama loves you?

By cuddling me. And spooning me. {Yes, my child likes to use the term spoon. Sigh.}

20. Where is Mama’s favorite place to go?

Hibachi. And the Superman place. That's far, far away. Where the buffalos live. Let's not go there... OK?! {Hmmmm... Not really sure where this came from...}


Me: So there you have it. Twenty questions with Spencer. Thanks for answering the questions Spencer!

Spencer : Yup! We going to do this game again tomorrow?!

Me: Probably not tomorrow, but maybe soon.

Spencer: Not tomorrow, you got no more questions?!

Me: Nope.

Spencer: You go find more questions while I'm sleeping, ok Mama?!


So friends, if you have any questions for Spencer... now's the time to ask! Clearly, twenty wasn't enough for him! (I will be asking him these questions about Doug too.)