Movie Monday : We've. Lost. Our. Minds.

First, a little background. The plan has always been to incorporate some music into Spencer's life. When he was younger, it took the form of music class. Then he started school, and it took the form of TV. Sad, but true. (Although we are fans of the FreshBe@tB@nd here... big time.) Recently, he's shown an interest in it again... and has been singing and "playing band" often. This culminated with seeing a Korean drum performance at Yale the other week. Ever since then, he's been playing his "baby" drum non-stop. Non-stop. He sets it up as though it were a janggu drum and bangs on it, in rhythm, often with a you tube video of Korean drummers in the background. He's added a variety of other "instruments" ... play pots, play woks, and the occasional bell. It's been a lot of fun to watch... it was quite impressive. Not only in terms of him actually being able to keep a beat, but for him to keep focus for that long. And then he asked if he could learn an instrument. I should have paid more attention to the next part of that sentence which went something like "so when I go to Yale, I can play with the other drummers." But all this Mama heard was "Can I learn to play an instrument?" So I started researching Suzuki lessons. For the cello. I mean, that's perfectly aligned with the drums... no!? Oh. It's not?! Don't worry. Spencer made it very clear that he was not on board with this whole "funny guitar" idea I had. He was going to play the drums. The next thing I know, Doug is online researching drum sets... and I agree that this is a good idea. (I blame being cooped up in the house with a sick kid for five days... I mean, really... would I have agreed to this otherwise?! No.)

It should be noted that Doug used to play drums. When we met, he still had drum pads and drum sticks. (Huh. I wonder where those went!?) Clearly, he misses his drum set... cause the next thing I know... we have this:

[vimeo width="640" height="480"][/vimeo]

Some would say overkill. And I was thinking we had made a big mistake... until Spencer whipped this out:

[vimeo width="640" height="480"][/vimeo]

Two days later and Spencer has literally been on the drums every waking moment. (It's a challenge to get him to sit and eat even... great.) And, don't worry... he has ear protection! But I'm beginning to think I need some too?

Today I asked him if he wanted to be a rock star when he grew up. He just looked at me and said, "No, I'll be busy playing at Yale and with the FreshBe@ts." Perfect!