What. A. Week.

I'm really glad this past week is behind us. It was a rough, rough week. I can't really put my finger on what it was, but I think there were a lot of factors that just added up to a "not so great week." But looking back on it, there were also a lot of positives that came out of the week. I don't know how that happens. I tend to be a "glass half full" type of gal. Obviously, I have my moments of feeling like my glass is completely empty (who doesn't?!), but for the most part, I always look for the good. So in an effort to remind myself how a "bad" week can really become a "good" week, I'm documenting the positive and negative notes: Negative : I had a job that went horribly wrong and didn't turn out as I wanted. Positive : The mom shed tears of joy when she saw her invites claiming they were better than she imagined. Lesson : While it may not be perfect in my eyes, it is in the client's eyes... and that's really what matters.


Negative : Preparing our taxes took waaaaayyyy longer than I thought. Positive : We got back much. much more than I was expecting. Lesson : Sometimes what appears to be a waste of time can actually be time well spent.


Negative  : I spent a whole morning getting our well tested for the adoption paperwork. Negative :  It came back positive for coliform. Negative : This now means we need to have some well service done. Not exactly what we wanted to spend our tax return on. Negative : I spent a lot of time figuring out how to remediate it and who to contact for that. Time I didn't really have. Positive  : It wasn't chloroform as we originally feared from the voicemail. Positive : At least we  know, and we're not using bacteria-laden water anymore. (So, so gross) Lesson : I have no idea what the lesson here is? Test regularly? Invest in a service plan? Move to a city with no well water?


Negative : I had blood work done last week (everything's fine... just the bi-annual tests) and I felt worse than I have in a long, long time. Positive : I'm due for about 18 months of easy-peasy blood draws now. Positive : Spencer knew I didn't feel well and offered up a photo shoot to make me feel better. Lesson : A little bit of sugar really does make the medicine go down... or the pain go away, as the case may be.


Negative : Doug had to go down to NYC. Again. Positive : He gets to work from the home office this week and next week. Lesson : It's all good.


Negative : I didn't get to work out for six days straight. Positive : There is none. I just felt gross. Lesson : There's always time for a little work out. Even a ten minute dance party with S.


Negative : It was a bad, bad sleep week for Spencer. Positive : It was the push we needed to take another step on our sleep plan. Positive : It seems that he was working on a mental growth spurt and we're reaping the results in the form of increased agility for Spencer. Lesson : Appreciate the good times, since the bad ones always seem to come back!


And to end on a "Sally Sunshine" note (I'm always looking on the bright side), some items that are nothing but good:

  • Our friends Kelly and Craig finally received their referral!!!!! It was a long time coming, and we are beyond excited for them and Baby K.
  • We went out to dinner on Friday. We chose a restaurant that isn't really our favorite, but masks the sounds of a difficult Spencer really well. It paid off big time! We ran into several of Spencer's classmates (and families), including his "best friend" and his parents. None of whom we have met yet. I see playdates with new friends in our future! (And they live really close... another bonus!) Is it too much to hope for another local "Mommy friend"?
  • We're seeing some increased focus and attention span from Spencer. This has always been a challenge for him, so it was really exciting to see him show improvements in this.
  • This week... Spencer went to sleep all by himself. Not once, but twice! (This is BIG BIG BIG news!)

Aaanndd... I have not downloaded my photos in over two weeks from the "real" camera (I know, I know... that's so bad!) but I do have some Instagram goodness to share with you all...

{"Look at the New York skyscraper I built! All by myself!"}

{Beautiful weather = Extra time at the park.}

{Spencer's "serious" face.}

{And just like that... 8 more gray hairs.}

{At least it slows him down... right?!}

{The "Linsanity" is still going strong here...}

{Getting an early start on the karaoke skills}

{He's a smoothie operator!}